New Horizons - Enhance cultural competence by playing

New Horizons is a virtual cultural card game that celebrates human diversity across Finland by creating empathetic relationships and forming common grounds to adapt to the new composition of our local populations. New Horizons is in use in Finland at high schools and universities, vocational schools, cultural centres, youth centers, NGOs, and libraries.

To whom
high schools and universities, vocational schools, cultural centres, youth centers, NGOs, and libraries
Virtual card game that is Zoom and Teams compatible

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A freely available, experiential way to facilitate serious learning in a form which adds variety and enjoyment to a classroom, workshop, or conference. Suitable e.g. for teachers, trainers and administrators who seek resources and tools for multicultural education and social change.

Five types of cards

The game empowers those who play it to work and communicate constructively across differences. The game takes players from “ethnocentricity” — being centered in one’s own culture, the way we find ourselves when we first face diversity — to “diversophy”, a state of higher cultural sensitivity and skill.

In their path to improved cultural competence, players respond to five types of cards that make up the deck:

  • diversiSMARTS - green: Cards challenge players´factual knowledge about specific cultural topics.
  • diversiCHOICE - yellow: Cards put players in intercultural situations that challenge them to make decisions about how best to behave or respond.
  • diversiSHARE - blue: Cards enhance communication and teambuilding skills. They encourage discussion by asking players to share something about themselves, their opinions and feelings. They underline the message that we are all different, even in our own cultural groups, and that we can continue to learn from each other.
  • diversiRISK - red: Cards put the players in situations that are beyond their control. Some situations are "positive” (+) and some “negative” (—). These cards allow players to experience, in a non-threatening way, how differences can create unexpected benefits or costs.
  • diversiGUIDE - white: Cards offer wisdom from different cultures and recommendations that encourage the players to look for opportunities to apply it in their work or life.

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George Simons International, the diversophy® series

The diversophy® New Horizons game celebrates the present and future human diversity within Finland. The game is the product of ongoing collaboration between students and teachers at JAMK University of Applied Sciences and our partner George Simons International, the originator of the diversophy® series of cultural training games. You can see the over 60 available games and support materials by going to

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