Service policy

Service Policy of the Jamk University of Applied Sciences Library

The service policy is valid as of 1st April 2008. Updated on 3rd November 2020.

Service Commitment

The Library of Jamk University of Applied Sciences is a unit consisting of several service points. The Library guarantees high-quality learning, research and development facilities for Jamk University of Applied Sciences. The Library provides the students with their information seeking education in accordance with their curricula. The aim is that the students are equipped with excellent information retrieval skills in view of their future careers. In the regional library network, Jamk’s Library is responsible for providing professionally oriented materials to respond to the needs of local companies and organisations. The Jamk University of Applied Sciences Library is also open to the general public.

Principles for Developing the Services

The Library is developed as a unit consisting of several service points that share the staff, library database, service and library policy, and other practices. Library materials are purchased observing the principles of overall economy and distributed to the service points in such a way that they complement each other.

The Library provides freer, open services to the Jamk personnel and students than to outside users of the Library. Customer feedback plays an important role in the development of the Library. The Library participates in the customer satisfaction surveys and in internal surveys targeted to Jamk’s personnel and students. Customers can also give feedback by using an electronic form, by telephone, or by visiting the Library.

Customer Service Principles

The library personnel are obliged to treat all customer information as confidential.

We speak to the customers in an easily understandable way, avoiding library jargon. A service situation that has started is completed without unnecessary interruptions.

When a customer arrives at the counter, he/she is given immediate attention. Any other work can wait. A customer who is present takes preference over a telephone that rings. The service is friendly, careful and effective. We help our customers find the best possible, individual solutions, however, taking the available resources into consideration.

The customers are given guidance in the use of databases and other library services, and they are also encouraged to learn how to use the library facilities independently and to participate in the training sessions that the Library organises. We actively inform the customers of the services we provide. The customers are effectively informed of any changes in the opening hours or other activities.  We use the customer feedback to develop and improve our services and anticipate future changes.


The key customers of the Jamk University of Applied Sciences Library consist of Jamk students, teachers and other personnel, and the local companies and organisations. The local upper secondary education students and personnel are served in accordance with separate agreements. The service points of Jamk’s library are also open to the general public.

Services Open to All

  • Use of the materials and guidance at the library service points, loans
  • Self-service loans
  • Information retrieval from the library database, reservations, and online loan renewals
  • Use of online materials and digital library at the library service points
  • Use of open online materials through the library website and Janet database
  • Telephone service during customer service hours
  • Advance email notices of due loans
  • The option to return loaned items to any service point of the Jamk Library, with the exception of items mentioned in the Library rules
  • Information spots on information sources

Additional Services to Jamk Students and Personnel

  • Use of online materials and digital library on Jamk’s local area network
  • Remote access to the online materials and digital library
  • Instruction on the use of the library and information sources to new degree students, exchange students, teachers and other groups (about 2 hours / group)
  • Information seeking education which is obligatory for all the degree students in accordance with their curricula
  • Small-scale information retrievals and guidance on information seeking Use of the self-service Library
  • Use of the Tuudo mobile app

Services to Upper Secondary Education Students and Personnel

In addition to the services open to the general public, in accordance with separate agreements.

Fee-based Services

  • Integrated, customised information retrieval and management training
  • Extensive information retrievals
  • Interlibrary service
  • Photocopying at the library