Researching, developing and learning at RehaLab

Continuously developing RehaLab is a research, development and learning environment with modern rehabilitation technology located at Jamk's Lutakko Campus, Piippukatu 2 (room D404).

We utilise digital technology and artificial intelligence in educating rehabilitation professionals.  

Person in a wheel chair using Rehabwall

Towards modern rehabilitation!

We have a good variety of systems and applications to support and measure rehabilitation which we utilise as a part of education and research and development activities, as well as innovation and partnerships.​ Please find some examples of our modern rehabilitation technology.

Magic Carpet

Magic carpet is an interactive projection system that allows you to project games and activities which reacts to movement.

Kiosk Trainer - 24/7 training station

Kiosk Trainer is a motion sensor based software which monitors and visualizes client exercise, allowing 24/7 virtually controlled independent training.

PODOSmart - digital soles

PODOSmart digital soles are designed for a precise gait analysis and diagnosis.

TE3 Mobiility Training Stick

TE3 is a modern mobility training stick to measure and evaluate extensions of body movement with the support of digital technology.

RehabWall - gamified rehabilitation technology

RehabWall's rehabilitation technology brings gamification for advancing of different skills, readiness and functioning ability.


Mototiles can be used to gamify training of basic motor skills, body balance and stepping of people in different age.

Ralla 2.0 application

RALLA 2.0 application supports the observation and reporting of child's skills. 

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