news 14.10.2022

Jamk Alumni from the Class of 2017: how are you?

With the Career Monitoring Survey, we survey the career paths of Jamk University of Applied Sciences graduates and the skills needed in working life. Answer and make an impact!

Graduating student

The career monitoring survey (Uraseuranta) of graduates from universities of applied sciences (UAS) has been lauched. The nationwide career monitoring survey collects information on alumni employment, overall career and satisfaction with career and degree. The information is important in the development of education and in the guidance of studies.

One of the goals of the national survey is to produce information on whether graduates of the UAS are satisfied with the education they received. The survey also has questions selected for the funding model, which aim to evaluate the quality of education. Based on the answers, the Ministry of Education and Culture allocates 3% of the basic funding to UAS.

The target group: all UAS graduates in 2017

The career monitoring survey has been sent by e-mail and text message on 13 October 2022 to all graduates of Bachelor's and Master's degrees in 2017. In total, almost 27,000 people will receive the survey. Almost 1,300 Jamk alumni will also receive the survey.

"Based on the answers, we develop the training offer to better meet the needs of working life. In this context, the best experts are those who have already accumulated a few years of work experience, but whose studies are still fresh in their memory. It is therefore important that as many of our alumni as possible answer the survey this year as well," encourages planner Elina Kirjalainen from Jamk University of Applied Sciences.

Did you not receive your own Uraseuranta message?

A link to the career monitoring survey has been sent to all those who graduated from the AMK or YAMK degree in 2017 on 13 October 2022 via email and text message. However, if you have not received your own survey link, please send an email to elina.kirjalainen(at) Thank you for your help!

Further information:

Project Manager Satu Helmi

Quality Manager Tero Janatuinen

Previous career monitoring survey results can be found at the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Education Statistics Finland portal Vipunen
Töissä.fi: www.töissä.fi

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