Sport Business Research

Jamk's Sport Business team provides research and development services for private, public and third sector organizations operating in sport and experience industry. We also offer higher education degree programmes on sport business management in both undergraduate and master level, as well as open sport business studies for professionals already working in the field of sports.

Jamk's Sport Business intelligence services alter from event impact research to exploiting customer values, customer and business partner expectations and satisfaction to brand image and non- spectator surveys. Our Sport Business team believes that successful business performance development in sport organizations requires professional business management applied with business intelligence solutions where customers, fans, partners, sports brands, and organization's business competences are at focus. Research tools are designed to meet the growing need of online feedback from customers and business partners.

Sport Events Research

Big and medium size sporting events provide both direct spending opportunities for sport tourists and indirect benefits for the hosting economy such as post-event tourism related destination awareness and improvements in infrastructure. Sport Business by Jamk has researched multiple sports events from different viewpoints, including e.g. fan surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, economic impact studies, brand image and customer experiences. The research data has given different sport organisations an opportunity to develop their events further, and due to the online Webropol survey model, react instantly to the customer feedback.

Sport Business Education

In the field of Sport Business, Jamk offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, short-term and specialiced study programmes. Our partners are universities in Finland and abroad, sport clubs, sport companies, national and international associations, governmental institutions and the Research Institute of Olympic Sports in Finland. Students have participated in international research projects, such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa, WRC FIA World Rally Championships 2012, 2012/13 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships, Finland and Sweden, 2014 Field Hockey World Championships, the Netherlands.

Research collaboration

Our Sport Business experts have collaborated with many international universities and research institutions in sport event research, EU-projects and multiple development projects. Important local partners for us are Finnish Research Institute for Olympic Sports, WRC Rally Finland, JYP Ice Hockey team, Finnish Athletics Federation, Ice Hockey Federation, Football Federation, Basketball Federation and many other sport organizations. Important research and development partners have also been the city of Jyväskylä and the Regional Council of Central Finland.

eSport grows in Finland

eSports is growing fast globally, and its importance as a new sports discipline has been widely recognized. Our Sport Business experts have been in forefront in researching this promising business sector in Finland. In 2018, our Sport Business team conducted a national study investigating the structure and volume of the eSports industry in Finland. This survey was targeted to key stakeholders operating within the eSports, retail, professional gaming and game development sector but also electronic games players in Finland. We will continue eSports study in national and international research projects together with other research institutes and eSports organisations.

Rally Finland

During the 9 years of collaboration with the WRC Finland rally organizer AKK Sport Ltd., our Sport Business team has conducted several research projects involving rally organizer's strategic business partners, event economic impact for the host city region, rally brand image and spectator values, non-spectator survey, and multiple customer surveys. This long term collaboration with the WRC Rally Finland organizer is a good example of determined event development by using research data.

Jamk helped to build future of WRC through comprehensive spectator research

Research gathered spectator data from WRC fans around the globe in spring 2014 with the aim to build spectator profiles and offer valuable insights to build better future for the WRC competition.

International partners

You'll find some examples of our international partner networks and projects below, such as EU funded Sustainable Sport Management -project.

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The Jyväskylä University of applied sciences has opened a GamePit Pro professional esports facility on Rajakatu campus, which can be rented for a variety of different occasions; for team practice, group meetings or a game night with a friend group.