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GamePit Pro

GamePit Pro is a top-tier esports facility located on the main campus of Jamk University of Applied Sciences, available for rent for various events and occasions. The versatile space is suitable for team training, meetings or training sessions, corporate team building or a gaming night with friends.

GamePit Pro näppäimistö
To whom
Groups (private and corporate)
Starting 130 €
Jamk Main Campus, A-wing (Rajakatu 35, 40200 Jyväskylä)

Top equipment and facility for esports

GamePit Pro is equipped with high-performance gaming computers and ergonomic gaming stations with accessories. It can simultaneously serve 18 players, with 12 main PC-setups and an additional 6 extra setups available. The console corner features two PS4 Pro consoles, a home theater system, and a TV.

The meeting and lecture area of the gaming facility includes spacious table and sofa space, a TV, and a projector with sound system. There is also a lounge area with a kitchenette, WC, and shower.

A wide range of games and applications are installed on the computers and it is recommended to use personal gaming accounts for login. If you do not have an account or wish to have a specific game or application added to our selection, please inform our staff before making your reservation.

The stable internet connection reaches speeds of up to 10G, enabling fast downloading of games and applications.

Bootcamps and accommoddation

Accommodation facilities for 18 people with bedding include:

  • Two main sleeping areas with bunk beds for eight people
  • 10 electric inflatable air mattresses available
  • Additional space for overnight stays can be reserved in connection with GamePit Pro
  • Please bring your own linens and towels!

Other amenities:

  • Private entrance to the space
  • A basic equipped kitchen with a dishwasher (Note: no stove or oven)
  • Shower and WC facilities
  • Access to Jamko Gym
  • Red Bull fridge (drinks 2,30€ / can)
  • Catering services available upon request

GamePit Pro reservation calendar

Please remember to check the booking status of the time you want from calendar - Already confirmed reservations are marked by day and the facility is not available for these times.

Reserve here

Rent prices

If the price list does not include the service you are looking for, ask about customization options by emailing esports[at]jamk.fi or contacting our staff. You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page. 

The GamePit gaming facility and equipment are rented out as a whole. Prices include VAT at 24%. The space is rented out for a minimum of three hours. 

Also inquire about catering services for your reservation. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available and can be delivered directly to the GamePit Pro if needed!

3-hour reservations
12 setups 130 €
12 + 6 setups 180 €
Extra hours
12 setups 35 €
12 + 6 setups 50 €
One day from 9am to 12am (no accommodation)
12 setups 450 €
12 + 6 setups 600 €
Weekend including accommodation from fri 09am to sun 10pm (inc. cleaning fee 100 €) 12 setups 1200 €
Extra setups as a part of weekend reservation (max. 6 setups) 50 € / pers / reservation
Extra days as a part of weekend reservation 250 € / day
Esports instructor
Mon-fri (8am to 4pm) 50 € / h
Mon-thu (4pm to 10pm) 80 € / h
Meta Quest 2 virtual headsets (1-4 pairs available) 50 € / pcs

GamePit reserves the rights to price changes. Reservations must be canceled seven (7) days before the start date. For cancellations made later, we will charge 50% of the reservation fee.


Student discount

  • All secondary and university students are entitled to the student discount
  • You will receive a 20% discount by showing your student card at the time of booking
  • The student discount can be combined with all prices in the price list (excl. esports instructor)

Staff discount

  • Everyone who works at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences is entitled to the staff discount
  • you get a -20% discount by showing your JAMK staff card when booking the facility
  • The staff discount can be combined with all prices in the price list (excl. esports instructor)

Recurring reservations

3+1 Bonus system

  • When you make 3 reservations during the year, you get one reservation for free
  • The free reservation must be made within 6 months of your third reservation
  • Ask more!

Employee well-being assessments

Select as part of the corporate package:

  • InBody – body composition measurement
  • Body fitness index examination
  • Firstbeat Life measurement
  • Individual or group feedback

Implemented by LIKES by Jamk. Inquire for more details when making a reservation!

GamePit Pro 360 tour

Reservation instructions

Make your space reservation through the link below the booking calendar by filling out the contact form!

  • After reservation, GamePit staff will contact you (by phone or email) and check schedules. The space can be booked both on an hourly basis and for a longer period, e.g. for a weekend or a week if needed
  • For overnight bookings, the GamePit contact person will submit the rescue plan for the rescue department at least 5 days before the customer's arrival. For this reason, bookings with an overnight stay must be made no later than 5 days before the start of the booking.
  • The customer is given at least 2 GamePit Pro access cards, which can be used to open doors at the GamePit facility from outside at A2 door by displaying the card and entering the code to the keypad.
  • Safety instructions, exits and general practices related to the facility are reviewed with the customer by GamePit staff
  • Facility use agreements will be signed electronically by GamePit staff and customer before the beginning of the rent

Reservations must be canceled seven (7) days before the start date. For cancellations made later, we will charge 50% of the reservation fee.

GamePit Pro facility introductory video

Other gaming facilities in Jyväskylä area


Pelaajat.com Agon by AOC Bootcamp gaming space is located in over 200 square meters of premises in Savela, Jyväskylä. Top-equipped gaming stations, additional activities, and overnight accommodations for 6 players!

Gaming facilities - Exen Esports

The gaming facilities of Exen Esports in Seppälänkangas are the most spacious, affordable and versatile in Jyväskylä. Gaming stations and accommodation for 10 people - with the special feature of a sauna area connected to the space!

Looking for partnership?

GamePit by Jamk has launched a partnership program for its corporate clients, through which you can reach 8500 students of our UAS, as well as our extensive cooperation networks. The GamePit corporate partnership can also be linked as part of larger partnership entities of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

We offer the following benefits to our corporate partners:

  • 20% discount on list prices of GamePit Pro
  • The 3+1 bonus system on facility reservations is also valid during the partnership
  • Extra days with weekend reservations for 125€ (norm. 250€)
  • Visibility in the GamePit Pro facility through a wall sticker (80cm x 80cm)
  • The opportunity to appear in GamePit social media platforms as customized post

Ask more!

500€ + VAT / Year 

Wall of partners

GamePit By Jamk

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