Towards ecologically sustainable and wise use of resources

Jamk is a developer of business and promoter of export activity within bioeconomy. It creates new material economy and circular economy saving natural resources. Several areas of expertise are connected to bioeconomy (e.g. forestry, agriculture, industrial manage­ment, energy production, business economics and tourism). 

We promote the development of a sustainable and profitable bioeconomy in the society. Our vision is to create a bioeconomy centre of excellence that focuses on utilising new technology and circular economy solutions, as well as management and marketing expertise.  Jamk strengthens the status of the Tarvaala Bioeconomy Campus and the Institute of Bioeconomy as a regional centre of excellence.

Jamk's extensive substance competence in bioeconomy (agriculture and forestry, energy and water) is a strength that enables extensive education and business cooperation. Our updated agrologist training focuses on business competence in the natural resources sector.

The Business Accelerator of Bioeconomy creates a channel for the growth of global business cooperation, produces new business in the region, and opens the door for students to innovative high-growth companies. We also invest in making automation, robotics, digitalisation, and cyber security part of the education and RDI activities of bioeconomy.

Promoting the business of bioeconomy

We are a strong developer of bioeconomy business and promoter of export activities. We offer companies and communities testing, training, and expert services in the bioeconomy sector. We work closely with research institutes, companies, and educational institutions both internationally and regionally.

Our areas of expertise include ecological solutions for renewable energy, sustainable and profitable agricultural entrepreneurship, smart agriculture, digitalisation opportunities, the multivalued utilisation of forests, measuring and limiting nutrient emissions in the rural environment, and the insect economy.

Jamk's bioeconomy experts are at your service when you need help in testing, measuring, studying, and analysing, or strengthening competence through training or consulting.

BioPaavo - business accelerator

Bioeconomy business accelerator is a hub for companies and experts with bioeconomy as common denominator. BioPaavo accelerates the development and growth of companies by systematically seeking solutions to innovation challenges and helping to implement concrete solutions through its network.

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Experienced bioeconomy developer

We are an experienced developer in the bioeconomy sector and the implementer of business-oriented research and development projects. We work closely with research institutes, companies, and other educational institutions internationally and regionally.

In applied research on smart agriculture, we focus on cross-disciplinary Smart Farming and the related digitalisation. Our main objective is to accelerate the introduction of smart agriculture innovations.

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Minna Lappalainen

Johtaja Biotalousinstituutti, Director Institute of Bioeconomy
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
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