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Influence Your Studies

Participation is an Advantage

The quality system provides the students with an opportunity to participate in and influence on the development of their education and the operations of the whole university of applied sciences. Important for the quality management are different forms of feedback.

  • Course feedback: By giving course feedback in the middle or at the end of a course you can get a response from your teacher and have a say on how the course will be implemented in the future. If necessary, the head will discuss the development of the course with the teacher.
  • Student feedback: Every year, feedback is collected from Bachelor's Degree students on their studies in the context of the JAMKO Grumble Week.
  • AVOP feedback:  At the time of graduation the students respond to the AVOP survey conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The information is gathered on on teaching and learning, internationalization, working life connections, practical training, thesis and student satisfaction. The feedback will be used to develop the studies and it also is one of the factors affecting the funding the university of applied sciences receives. Respond to the survey before you graduate.
  • Career monitoring survey: Approximately five years after your graduation, Jamk will mail you a questionnaire asking you to give your views about the skills you have acquired as part of your studies and charting your employment situation. Your responses will provide students with information about employment prospects in the sector and Jamk with feedback on the impact of the training. This will help us in the development of the degree programmes.

In addition to using feedback forms, you can also give direct feedback. If you notice that there are teaching-related development needs, you should first discuss the matter with your teacher. If the discussion with the teacher does not produce results, you can contact the head in charge of the degree programme or the quality officer of your own school.

Students’ Rights and Duties

As members of the university community the students have certain rights and duties based on legislation and the Degree Regulations.

The students have a right
  • to be informed of the goals, content, requirements, opportunities to retake courses, assessment criteria and the scheduled ending of their courses
  • to apply for accreditation and recognition of prior learning
  • to have their course grades entered into the registration system within one month from the end of the course
  • to raise their accepted grades once for well-grounded reasons
  • to receive study guidance to complete their studies within the standard study period
  • to give feedback on the courses, degree programmes and the quality of teaching.
The students have a duty
  • to act in accordance with the Jamk ethical principles
  • to take responsibility for the progress of his/her studies and participate in the study guidance
  • to enrol as present or absent
  • to draft and update their Personal Learning Plan
  • to personally enrol for the courses
  • to complete a course within two semesters from starting it
  • to give course and student feedback.

Contact Information

For more information on quality management, please contact the Quality Officers of the schools, Quality Manager of Jamk, and the JAMKO's educational policy responsible:

Tero Janatuinen

Laatupäällikkö, Quality Manager
Koulutuksen kehittämispalvelut, Educational Development Services
Korkeakoulupalvelut, University Services

Quality Officers of the Schools

Jaana Ahlqvist

Palveluvastaava, Service coordinator
Jatkokoulutukset, Further Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education

Eija-Mari Heikkilä

Johtava suunnittelija, Chief Administrative Planner
HYVI Hallinto, Administration
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies

Jukka Turpeinen

Johtava suunnittelija, Chief Administrative Planner
LIKE Hallinto, Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business

Marja-Kaarina Markkanen

Vanhempi suunnittelija, Senior Administrative Planner
Teknologian kehittämispalvelut, Technology Development Services
Teknologia, School of Technology

Student Union JAMKO

JAMKO's educational policy responsible, +358 45 319 4904, kopo(at)