customer story

ITPRO Double-Degree Program, Central Europe, since 2000

ITPRO is a program designed for software engineering students from major technology universities in Eastern Central Europe (Debrecen University, Cracow Technical University, Ostrava Technical University, University of Zilina). This program has been running at Jamk for nearly 20 years. Annually Jamk IT Institute receive 5-10 students.

Before coming to Finland, the students already have had at least three years study in information technology at their home university. One year study at Jamk is designed so, that after completing all the needed professional courses and practical training at local Finnish companies, they will get the bachelor’s degree of Information and Communication Technology (Bachelor of Science) according to Finnish degree requirements. 

Programming professionals are among the most in-demand labour force in Finland, therefore many of the students were employed at local Finnish companies after graduation. For example, Solteq, a globally operated Finnish company, has a growing demand for international IT experts. ITPRO program has brought many capable international IT talents for the company’s growing needs. Indeed, a large proportion of internships lead to a permanent employment contract. Nowadays ITPRO is running under Erasmus + double degree programme.