Information Seeking Guidance for You

  • The library teaches students how to search, locate and evaluate information – and to use it effectively.
  • JAMK’s students begin the study of information seeking in their first academic year. The students take part in information seeking lessons also during their Thesis courses.
  • In the Thesis Sauna you can get one-to-one guidance on database search problems regarding your thesis.
  • Information seeking guidance in English can be reserved for groups by contacting the JAMK library.
  • The Jyväskylä libraries are open for everyone. See the information seeking guidance schedule on the Jyväskylä libraries’ website.

Specialized Information Seeking, 5 cr.

This elective online course is meant for all JAMK students: bachelor’s degree students, master’s degree students, vocational teacher education students and for students attending JAMK’s Open Studies. JAMK’s staff is also welcome to participate in the course.

During the online course in the spring semester you will collect and utilize available professional and scientific information comprehensively and critically. You will learn advanced information seeking methods. You will also write a report or a review on the information obtained. It is advisable to attend the course alongside your Thesis writing or other major report.

This course is held only in Finnish during spring 2018 semester: Asiantuntijan tiedonhankinta (ZZRZV120).

Thesis Sauna

  • Students working on their theses or development project reports can get one-to-one guidance in database search problems.
  • The Thesis Sauna is meant only for the JAMK students .
  • You can book a Thesis Sauna after you have participated in the information seeking lessons integrated into the Thesis courses.
  • The guidance will take approximately one hour.

Please book your Thesis Sauna guidance well beforehand by filling the Thesis Sauna form which you will find in the Elmo Student Intranet, under Library or by contacting the library. The following information is needed when making the booking: your contact information, a planned date and time for the Thesis Sauna (please suggest more than one date and time), the subject of your thesis or development project report, and special wishes regarding the content of the guidance.

Further information: kirjasto(at)jamk.fi

Studying in the library

There are computer workstations available in all of our library units for information seeking and working. The user ID is required when computers are used.  Also, in the Music Campus Library the students and staff of JAMK can borrow a laptop to use in the library.

There is a wireless network available in all of our library units.

The library provides no absolutely quiet space for study, but there are some peaceful areas available, for example the Quiet study zone in the
Main Library  and the second floor of the Music Campus Library. Remember that we all can contribute to a silent study environment. Please, keep your cell phone switched on silent mode in the library and avoid loud conversation. Find out more about new zone areas in Main Library!

Multifunction printers

Printing and credits

As a student of JAMK, you can buy printing credits from the library and print using credits in all of our campuses. Please, find more details about credits, printing quotas and practices on Helpdesk and the service fees.


You can copy in all of our library units. Copying has a fee: the service fees.


You can scan in all of our library units. Scanning is free on charge