At Your Service

The Library of JAMK is one of the largest libraries in Central Finland. Our services are open to the public, so anyone can become our customer. We are the most significant gatherer of field-specific information in the region.

At present, we have four library units, three of them in Jyväskylä. The library of the Institute of Natural Resources is situated in Tarvaala, Saarijärvi.

Our up-to-date, high-quality collection includes literature, journals and electronic resources on various fields, ranging from pedagogics to natural resources. It is easy to get a library card and to borrow. From the standpoint of companies, we are an important information provider. For instance, we have a good collection of literature on leadership. Remember also the theses and development project reports written by our students.


Library Resources

The information we provide is fresh: new, up-to-date and current. You have access to books, journals, theses, standards, sheet music, and multimedia. You can use both printed and electronic resources for data collection. JAMK's students and staff can use the electronic resources also outside the JAMK's network.

The collection of our library units are complementary to each other: if you cannot find the material you are looking for in one library unit, please check if it is available in some other library unit – usually it is! The library is also part of the regional library network: we assure that our customers, region-wide, can take advantage of good sources of professional information in their studies or at work. Besides the students and staff of JAMK, local entrepreneurs and other people in need of professional information are also welcome to the library.


International library

Our staff is also ready to serve the students of the degree programmes with instruction in English, including students with diverse linguistic or cultural backgrounds. International students can also participate in the briefing on library services provided at the beginning of the academic year.

We hope that our versatile collection of foreign publications will ease your everyday life. You can search for both printed and electronic books, journals, standards and more, on the Janet library database.  You can access JAMK's network or international resources on the Janet with your personal network user name and password whenever and wherever you want. These resources are useful also if you study or work abroad.

You can improve your information seeking skills through our information seeking guidance connected to your studies. We apply the international objectives of information literacy in our instruction.

The JAMK library is part of a worldwide library network. Libraries jointly acquire data systems and databases, distribute interlibrary loans, and contribute to societal decision-making in different organisations. The library also cooperates with international publishers and other suppliers.