Training program is based on a proven Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training methodology developed by Sharon C. Ballard, Enable Ventures, USA to coach primarily high technology entrepreneurs for the global marketplace.

We offer

We offer a disciplined, demanding eight to ten week process

  • to develop a compelling plan and a great business story for your venture
  • to learn practical business design skills
  • feedback and advice to your business plan from a panel of business experts


  • Elevator Pitch
  • Executive Summary     
  • Business Plan Outline
  • Fifteen minutes presentation of your business idea

To whom?

  • early stage science and technology based entrepreneurs
  • scientists, students, teachers
  • those, who want to find out commercial viability of their business idea

Key features


  • New tools and techniques backed up with hundreds of examples of their application across all technologies
  • Focuses on how the business will work, NOT on how to write a business plan!
  • A business plan briefing is created before a business plan is written. The briefing is a multi-purpose communications tool that is easy to update and lengthen or shorten, depending upon the audience and need.
  • Having to create a briefing forces clear thinking and generates essential data for the business plan, making the latter much easier to write.
  • Top-down and bottom-up planning and thinking for the financial plans

The Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training materials and related curricula are under license from Sharon Ballard of EnableVentures Inc. 


Session 1. Strategic planning

Session 2. Technology, Intellectual Property, Product plans

Session 3: Marketing and Sales

Session 4. Competition and Strategig Alliances

Session 5. Operations, Management and Staffing

Session 6: Financials

Session 7: Presentation and Dry Runs


Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training | Launch Pad

8- 10 week process, including 4 intensive seminar days, 1-2 hours coaching per each seven sessions

The programme focuses on

  • how the business will work, not how to write a business plan. You will plan
  • oral presentation, which forces clear thinking and generates essential data for the business plan, making it much easier to write. 
  • value creation documented by Profit&Loss statement. It describes the creation of value for whole value network, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training utilizes the prototyping approach to produce the business plan, starting with a compelling business story.

Participation demands nearly full-time commitment from participants.

Program includes homework – for example Session 1 = 3 books, 9 articles, 50 one-page exercises

Supercoach® 1- Day Taster Workshop

Test the applicability and usefulness of Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training in 1 day Workshop. It includes Sessions of Supercoach ® Entrepreneurial Training.

Supercoach®Workshop | Coach training

During four intensive seminar days, all sessions of Supercoach®Entrepreneurial Training will be studied. Program includes also introduction to use of the tools and exercises. Program is conducted with real business cases.

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