In 2015, JAMK signed a significant agreement with Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The occasion was a bidding competition for a national activator service for companies, which JAMK won. The agreement will be valid until the end of 2018.

JAMK and Tekes started their collaboration in the form of an activator service in the Liideri programme (business, productivity and the joy of work).  

In the course of the year, an activation team consisting of JAMK’s entrepreneurship coaches has been encouraging and urging companies to seize growth opportunities and achieve new, increasingly international business by means of things like digitalisation. 

– With the help of Tekes’ funding, expertise and ‘quarterback’ role, we planned development projects for companies, tailoring their content to the needs of each company or group of companies, says Project Manager Jaana Saarisilta, who acted as the chief activator. 

Topical themes with companies seeking international growth have included the strengthening of customer understanding, management of growth, future work models as well as the radical changes in practices required by the application of digitalisation. 

–  We have been looking for solutions and answers to the question of how business can be made better, more profitably and more internationally and how such development work can be turned into projects and funded, Saarisilta continues.

Key actions have been the concepting of meeting companies as well as procedures according to the concept in various networks and with various partners.

For example, the Recreate Your Company concept was used to meet hundreds of companies in the Nordic Business Forum, at the Technology 2015 fair and in the Kasvu Open semifinal series.

– The main focus of the activation work has been on fields and companies whose growth and internationalisation potential can be considered good and which set a good example for others,  Saarisilta notes. 

– One good example is Novosan Oy, which we met in the Kasvu Open semi-final. The company had growth and product development plans suitable for the Liideri programme, so the activator co-operation with the company started with project planning. JAMK’s expertise was utilised in themes like project specification and service design.