Juha Möttönen, a Business Information Technology student at JAMK, launched a turn-based strategy/tactics game called Galactic Conquerors.

– Galactic Conquerors combines the best parts of turn-based and real-time strategy games, thereby creating a new type of product for the market. The idea is to offer hours of activity in an eight-player online game with changing terrain. Thanks to the editing tools, there are practically limitless playing possibilities, Möttönen says.

The game took two years to build.    

– When I started designing the game, I had no idea the process would be so long. For a game designer, it’s not enough to know how games are played. You also need to know how they are built. In addition, it’s important to have an efficient and strong team: to create a game, you need people like a programmer, sound designer and visual designer, Möttönen notes.

Game enthusiasts have been able to provide their input for designing the game on an online product development forum. The game market is global, so the working language has been English:  

– We do everything in English. The Finnish market is not enough in this field, and through the App Store, for example, we can reach global markets without having to invest in separate online stores,  Möttönen says.  

In JAMK’s degree programme in Business Information Technology, you can complete the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis on game development. Even if the student does not end up in the game business, the education also opens career opportunities elsewhere in the ICT field.