Education exports are an important and constantly growing part of JAMK’s operations. The turnover of education exports is around one million euros, and international project operations totalling a similar sum have been carried out in places like Nepal, Vietnam and Egypt.

 Senior Advisor Johanna Heikkilä coordinates education export projects for JAMK’s School of Health and Social Studies in Kazakhstan.  So far, JAMK and other universities of applied sciences have carried out about 30 one-week training courses in co-operation with the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan and local healthcare organisations.

– Finnish healthcare is highly appreciated. New good practices are adopted in Kazakhstan really quickly,  Heikkilä says.

More co-operation is being planned.

– We have been constructing a long-term plan for education and nursing with the Ministry of Health with the support of the top leaders of Kazakhstan.

According to Heikkilä, the situation in the country is challenging but the progress is fast. The promotion of education exports requires hard work.

– You can’t just sit in your office – you must be on-site with an open mind, Heikkilä says.

 Another important country for JAMK’s education exports is Argentina. JAMK’s Teacher Education College is currently providing extensive training for teachers in Argentina.

– We are educating teachers who will then provide local teachers with continuing education, says Leena Kaikkonen, Head of Research and Development at the Teacher Education College.

The partner in co-operation is the Ministry of Education of Argentina.

 – Before closing a deal, we have often been involved in diverse co-operation for a long time, and good relations are exactly the way forward in this country, Kaikkonen says.

Kaikkonen thinks that there is great growth potential in Argentina.

– I consider Argentina highly significant for education exports. Although the country is suffering from a tough financial situation, it is investing in the development of education, Kaikkonen says.

According to Kaikkonen, other countries with potential for education exports in Latin America include Chile and Brazil.

In October, JAMK and Tampere Adult Education Centre opened a Chinese/Finnish learning innovation centre in Guangzhou, China, together with Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University (GPNU). The new learning innovation centre promotes co-operation between Finland and China, the service offering of vocational higher and upper secondary education as well as the development of learning innovations. It is also part of the Learning Garden framework agreement for education between Finland and China.