During 2015, JAMK created a new strategy, had a record number of students studying in open studies, increased education exports and received international quality certifications. Come help create an overview of the past year and a little of the future too!

Jussi Halttunen, rector of JAMK University of Applied Sciences

"In spring 2016, the JAMK University of Applied Sciences Academic Board approved the new strategy (2016–2020), whose two key themes are “Turning expertise into competitiveness” and “Reinventing higher education”."

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Aila Paloniemi I JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd. Chairperson I MP

"Society, economy and lifestyles are being fundamentally transformed by virtualisation, biotechnology, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. The new technology is also changing the operating cultures and models as well as learning and education. "

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Key performance indicators

JAMK’s annual report 2015

The Diploma of Higher Education proves useful in Finnish adult education

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is the only institute in Finland to pilot the Diploma of Higher Education, involving modules worth 60 ECTS credits that consist of parts of degrees and provide the student with tailored skills and a certificate. Diploma of Higher Education studies at JAMK have been offered in gerontological rehabilitation, purchasing professional, HR and financial specialist and agricultural entrepreneur business competence.

The activation and sparring of companies seeking international growth was enhanced in 2015

In 2015, JAMK signed a significant agreement with Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The occasion was a bidding competition for a national activator service for companies, which JAMK won. The agreement will be valid until the end of 2018.

Redrama and Henkka Hyppönen as the stars of the JAMK opening ceremony

JAMK’s academic year was opened with the theme ‘future’ on 25 August. Henkka Hyppönen and Redrama shined as the stars of the event. Paviljonki was full of people and the atmosphere was great. The opening ceremony continued with JAMK’s advisory board meetings and an orientation afternoon for new students.

Growth for education export company EduCluster

2015 was an excellent year for EduCluster Finland Ltd. The company’s turnover increased to nearly eight million euros.

JYVSECTEC involved in a cybersecurity exercise

In January, Cooperative Society Keskimaa and Sonera conducted an exercise for the prevention of cyber-attacks and preparation for them together with Jyväskylä Security Technology (JYVSECTEC), JAMK University of Applied Sciences’ cybersecurity research, training and development centre.

JAMK goes international

Education exports are an important and constantly growing part of JAMK’s operations. The turnover of education exports is around one million euros, and international project operations totalling a similar sum have been carried out in places like Nepal, Vietnam and Egypt.

Quality labels for JAMK

A Social and Health Studies master’s degree programme at JAMK passed the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) accreditation. The accreditation was granted to the master’s degree programme in Health Promotion.

A record amount of studies in the Open University of Applied Sciences in 2015

In 2015, students of JAMK’s Open University of Applied Sciences completed a total of 11,356 ECTS credits, which is 58% more than in 2014. This was also the first time that the number of credits exceeded 10,000.

Our student’s new strategy/tactics game for the international market

Juha Möttönen, a Business Information Technology student at JAMK, launched a turn-based strategy/tactics game called Galactic Conquerors.