A high rate of JAMK graduates find employment. Two in three students completing a bachelor’s degree at JAMK have a job at the time of graduation.

The employment situation at the time of graduation is particularly good for, among others, students graduating from the degree programmes in service management (83 %) and logistics (78%) and from the Nursing degree programme in English (82%). A total of 71% of graduates have found employment in Central Finland and 3% abroad.

A total of 5% or 52 graduates continue or start as an entrepreneur immediately after graduation. For the Team Academy, this proportion is as high as 42% (16) of all graduates. This is a top result even on the national scale.

JAMK’s working life cooperation shows in the feedback from graduates. A total of 84% think that JAMK has helped students establish working life contacts well. Among those particularly satisfied are students of media engineering, social services, Team Academy and the English-language International Business programme. Students are employed in positions that correspond to their education, as 87% agreed that they can make use of the competence gained at JAMK in their work.

Immediately after graduation, 12% have worked in supervisory positions and 31% in specialist positions. The proportion of supervisory positions is high among graduates from, for example, the degree programmes in logistics, civil engineering and service management.

Source: OPALA, the joint national student feedback survey for those completing a bachelor’s degree at a university of applied sciences in 2014. The response percentage was 99% for JAMK’s bachelor’s degree graduates in 2014 (a total of 1,121 graduates).