In 2014, JAMK’s Teacher Education College was the applicants’ favourite again.

A total of 1,733 adults applied admission into the vocational teachers, vocational special needs teachers and study counsellors training programmes. The four other teacher education colleges operating in Finland were left behind. The Study Counsellor Education intended for teachers was particularly popular.

“The regional groups organised in various parts of Finland have a significant effect on applicants’ choices. It is easier to study near home,” says Harri Keurulainen, Head of Department at the Teacher Education College. Regional groups have been established in, for example, Joensuu, Kokkola, Kuopio, Seinäjoki and Lappeenranta.

“The number of applicants is also direct feedback on the successful implementation of training. The applicants are adults and professionals in their field, and recommendations from acquaintances and colleagues may be the decisive factor in their choice of study place,” says Keurulainen.

There were a total of 1,272 applicants to JAMK’s Vocational Teacher Education programme. For teachers’ post-degree programmes, there were 164 applicants to Vocational Special Needs Teacher Education and 297 to Study Counsellor Education.

“We produce hundreds of new teaching professionals every year. The figure may seem high, but there are plenty of jobs in teaching. In fact, many of our students are already teaching when they start their studies, but they do not have the pedagogical qualifications,” Keurulainen says.