JAMK’s Dynamo property passed the Green Office audit organised by WWF in June 2014. The WWF Green Office is a practical environmental management system, which the personnel and students at JAMK Dynamo Campus can utilise in their everyday activities.

JAMK has been building a Green Office system for a few years now. The objective of the programme is to reduce the ecological footprint of JAMK as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

“JAMK wants to improve the eco-efficiency of offices, promote sustainable lifestyles, increase the environmental awareness of staff and slow down climate change by reducing energy consumption in properties,” says Ville Jaakkonen, Facility Services planner at JAMK.
The audit conducted in June covered, for example, a review of the Dynamo environmental communications plan and environmental plan, inspection of agreed issues like campus sorting possibilities, waste collection points, paper and electricity-saving opportunities and the environmental labels of detergents and office supplies.

The audit was conducted by WWF representative Sari Hämäläinen who also interviewed staff representatives. The feedback provided by WWF Finland ascertains that Dynamo is now entitled to the Green Office label.

The Finnish Green Office network now comprises 512 offices from 180 different organisations.