Many JAMK facilities and operations moved in 2014. In addition to moving, lobbies and classrooms, for example, have been redecorated with special attention to multiple usage possibilities.

The School of Technology now organises Civil Engineering at the JAMK main campus at Rajakatu 35. Likewise, the Tourism and Catering staff of the School of Business were transferred to the C wing of the main campus. The LIKE teaching facilities are primarily concentrated in the A, B and C wings of the main campus.

The School of Health and Social Studies moved to Dynamo on Piippokatu. Smart Home remains on Puistokatu and is available upon separate agreement. Rajakatu is still home to the HYVI sports facilities, one nursing teaching facility and the Functional Lab.
The staff of JAMK Generator moved to the 8th floor of Innova on Lutakko Campus in August. The Teacher Education College staff will continue operations on floors 8 and 12 of Innova. The use of floor 13 has been discontinued.

JAMK staff have been pleased with the moves. For example, the open office of the RDI staff at the School of Technology in Innova now has fewer employees than before, which makes the environment more peaceful.

“Moving has also helped to organise free use facilities for students, i.e. JAMK Lounge facilities. Students can use the facilities to work on their own projects and assignments. The JAMK Lounge facilities include silent work space, computers, and classrooms which have been redecorated. The lounges are located in wings C and B on Rajakatu are and free to use by student,” says JAMK Facility Services Designer Taru Särkkä.