“Cyber security is related to the operations of companies and society at large”.

The year of cyber security was diverse in terms of both training diversification and cooperation with different parties:

In May, the Finnish Defence Forces utilised the JAMK JYVSECTEC situation centre and systems to participate in the multinational technical Locked Shields 2014 cyber security exercise. JYVSECTEC, or Jyväskylä Security Technology, is a cyber security research, training and development centre under the JAMK IT Institute. The centre maintains and develops a cyber security development environment. The environment produces services for the use of a cooperation network. A total of 300 people from 17 countries attended the internationally largest exercise event in its field. According to feedback, the JYVSECTEC situation centre corresponds to a modern operational management facility in terms of properties and systems.

In June, the Finnish Defence Forces practised defence against cyber threats together with other authorities when the Defence Forces C5 Agency (PVJJK) implemented a national cyber exercise (KYHA14). The KYHA14 exercise was organised in JAMK facilities using JAMK systems. In connection with the exercise, the Finnish Defence Forces utilised the expertise available at the JYVSECTEC training and development centre.

In August, Jyväskylä celebrated the first cyber security week in Finland.

In September, JYVSECTEC and the cyber security fair joined forces to organise a seminar entitled “Cyber security – does your solution
meet the challenges of cyber security?” as a part of the cyber security fair 2014 programme at the Paviljonki congress centre in Jyväskylä.

In December, JYVSECTEC and Propentus Oy signed a collaboration agreement to establish a cyber security partnership. The objective of the cyber security partnership between Propentus and JAMK is to implement and use identity and access right management in the JAMK
RGCE cyber operating environment and to test and develop the information security of Propentus’ IAM (Identity and Access Management) solution.

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