The entire JAMK personnel participated in the ‘Innovaatiopäivät’ (‘Innovation Days’) event at the Paviljonki congress centre in Jyväskylä. The entirely new event concept involved two days of testing the Design Thinking method introduce during the students’ ‘Innovaatioviikot’ (‘Innovation Weeks’) event.

The student’s innovation weeks event encouraged JAMK to try out the Design Thinking method with the staff, too. JAMK wanted to use the method to test new, participatory solution methods. The entire personnel were invited to attend the ‘Innovation Days’ event at the Paviljonki congress centre to solve the challenges JAMK is facing.

The objective was to get as many members of JAMK staff as possible to solve JAMK’s challenges in a multidisciplinary and communal fashion.

“New learning environments inspire many thoughts and so do student counselling and entrepreneur support activities”, says JAMK Business Director Pekka Jääskö.

A lot of mutual learning took place in one day. When over 500 members of JAMK staff convened in one place, many of them met colleagues they had not had anything to do with before. In the workshops, some people generated ideas that others were already implementing in everyday life. The attendants realised that JAMK staff have different practices and attitudes regarding, for example, entrepreneurship and student counselling.

“The best outcome of Innovation Days was the staff encounters and the activities in multidisciplinary groups.” -rector Jussi Halttunen-