The Board of Directors of the parent company assembled eleven times during the year of operation. The most essential decisions included regular matters concerning the budget and financial statements as well as the performance agreement proposals.

A copy of the consolidated financial statements is available at:

Jyväskylän kaupunki,
Talouskeskus liikelaitos,
Heikinkatu 3 B, 40100 Jyväskylä.

Rector Jussi Halttunen served as the president, BDO Oy as the auditor and Ulla-Maija Tuomela (Chartered Accountant, Chartered Public Finance Auditor) as the principal auditor.

The Board members of JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd.

Aila Paloniemi, puheenjohtaja

Luukkonen Paavo

Partanen Pauli 

Ekman Reijo

Pirttiaho Tuuli-Kirsikka 

Halttunen Simo

Tuohimaa Eila

Kurkela Jouni

Valkeinen Uljas

Permanent specialists of the Board included Vice Rector Heikki Malinen, Business Director Pekka Jääskö and Director of Administration Mikko R. Salminen. The vice rector served as the president’s deputy and the director of administration served as the Board’s secretary.

The shareholders’ meeting was assembled for the spring meeting on 29 April 2014, and an extraordinary general meeting was held on 11 August ¬2014 in order to prepare for the amendments to the legislation concerning universities of applied sciences. The shareholders’ meeting was assembled for the autumn meeting on 1 October 2014 and a follow up meeting was held on 29 October 2014.
The JAMK University of Applied Sciences Group is a subgroup of the Jyväskylä City Corporation. The domicile of the City Corporation is the City of Jyväskylä.

JAMK Management Team (from left to right): Director of Unit (TEKN) Pasi Raiskinmäki, Business Director Pekka Jääskö, Director of Unit (LIKE) Asta Wahlgrén, Vice Rector Heikki Malinen, Director of Unit (HYVI) Pertti Malkki, Management Team secretary, Marketing Manager Heli Toivola, and bottom left Director (AOKK) Ulla Mutka, Rector Jussi Halttunen and Director of Administration Mikko R. Salminen.