Exchange as part of the degree

The prerequisite for the approval of studies or practical training abroad is that they can be fully accredited to the degree at JAMK. In other words, the studies and practical training abroad have to be a part of the degree at the home institution both content- and timing wise and they cannot prolong the study time.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for transferring the study attainments in international student mobility to ensure that the studies completed abroad contribute to the degree at home.

In study exchanges, this means that JAMK and the receiving institution agree on a study plan with each student before they leave abroad. Students must deliver their study plan (Learning Agreement) and electronic student exchange application form to be approved by the Head of Department via the International Coordinator. The International Services forwards the application documents and study plan to the receiving institution. Students must then receive the study plan approved and signed by both parties.

At the end of the exchange the receiving institution gives the students a certificate and transcript of records displaying the completed courses and their grades. The courses completed abroad are fully accredited to the degree at JAMK University of Applied Sciences according to the study plan drawn up before the exchange. The precondition for approving the studies is that the student has completed the studies according to the level and goals of performance of JAMK University of Applied Sciences as well as applied for accreditation of studies completed abroad through the accreditation process.

The content and credits to be completed during practical training abroad are agreed on together with the student, JAMK and the practical training place before the start of the training by filling in a practical training plan/contract which all three parties sign.

Further information about drawing up the study plan and practical training plan is available in the student intranet in section Internationalisation through studies (requires a username and password).