Student selection

Every JAMK student has the opportunity to apply for studies or practical training abroad as part of the degree at JAMK. The students are selected for exchange according to the following recommendations:

•  the student has completed at least one year of studies (exception: one semester in Master’s degree studies and for practical training)
•  the studies have progressed according to the personal learning plan (PLP)
•  aptitude, i.e. the ability to adapt to a new culture and to cope with studies in a foreign language
• motivation
• studies to be completed during exchange have to be fully accredited to the degree at JAMK in which case they do not prolong the study time

Timing and duration of the exchange

It is possible to go on exchange after the first year of studies at the earliest. As an exception, students of the Teacher Education College as well as Master’s degree students can go on exchange already during their first year of studies. It is also possible to go abroad to do practical training already during the first year of studies.

Schools may have their own recommendations and limitations concerning the timing of exchanges. The international coordinators and practical training coordinators are the best source for information about these school-specific criteria. Students plan the timing of their exchange so that it suits their personal learning plan (PLP), however taking into account the limitations and recommendations of their schools.

In exchanges that are based on partnership agreements, students can spend either one or two semesters studying at a foreign partner institution. The duration of the semester is determined according to the academic calendar of the host institution. Usually one semester lasts from 4 to 6 months.

In practical training the duration is negotiated separately between the student, the practical training place and JAMK’s practical training coordinator. The recommended duration is 3 to 5 months.

JAMK recommends that all abroad periods were planned to have a minimum duration of 3 months. The recommendation is based on the notion that in order for the abroad period to benefit the student the most multiculturally – considering both studies and personal experience – the abroad period has to be long enough. In longer periods students get better acquainted with both studies, or duties in practical training, and the culture of the receiving country and, therefore, get a maximum benefit out of their studies and practical training abroad.

Students who are unable to go abroad for a period of 3 or more months can acquire international experience through short-term studies abroad. Examples of short-term exchanges include language courses and summer schools abroad. Some of JAMK’s study modules and entities also include 1-2 week long study tours; information about these can be acquired from the teachers coordinating the tours at the beginning of the study modules.

Funding of the exchange

At the International Services, students can apply for a grant either from the Erasmus programme or from JAMK’s own mobility budget. Students who are entitled to receive study grant from Kela in Finland can also receive the grant for studies abroad if the studies or practical training completed abroad are accredited to the Finnish degree. Many foundations and funds also award grants.

Further information about the grants awarded by JAMK, Kela’s financial aid and grants by foundations is available on the student intranet in section Internationalisation through studies (requires a username and password).