Due to globalisation, competition on the international education and labour market and the changing needs of working life, today’s graduating students are expected to possess a yet wider professional know-how as well as personal knowledge and skills in operating in the globalising working life. Internationality is reality regardless of the future profession or job description. That is why JAMK offers students many different possibilities to develop their international competence during studies!

Every JAMK student has the opportunity to apply e.g. for studies or practical training abroad as part of the degree at JAMK as well as to apply for a grant from the JAMK International Services for the mobility period. Some degree programmes also provide the opportunity to complete an international double degree.

In addition, students can acquire international experience right here in Finland through internationalisation at home; it is possible to complete a degree completely in English, most degree programmes have the possibility of completing courses taught in a foreign language and the language centre provides a wide selection of language and culture studies. Internationality is further promoted through studies by using foreign literature and by familiarising students with international cases in their own field (e.g. international projects). Foreign degree students and hundreds of exchange students, foreign visitors and lecturers coming to JAMK annually also serve to enrich JAMK’s international operational environment.

Studies or practical training abroad as part of the degree

Meet new people and explore new cultures! Develop your professional competence! Add to your network of colleagues! Acquire first-hand experience of the joys and challenges of living and working in a foreign country and culture! So go for an exchange! Read more about different exchange possibilities offered by JAMK.

Internationalisation at home

Not interested in going abroad e.g. for an exchange period to become international? Don’t worry, gaining international experience and exploring new cultures is possible at JAMK as well! Here you can read more about how you can gain the required international competencies during your studies without ever leaving JAMK! 

International Double Degree for JAMK students

Would you like to complete two degrees at the same time but without double work? And the other degree could be done abroad, while on exchange? In that case International Double Degree is the thing for you!

International Partners

A list of JAMK’s international partners with whom JAMK has a valid exchange agreement for student and/or staff mobility.

Exchange students' blogs

In our students' blogs you can find interesting stories about the delights and challenges of the exchange period abroad!