Internationalisation at home means acquiring international experience and getting to know different cultures in one’s home country. It is an immensely important form of internationalisation and an alternative way of improving one’s international know-how during studies. Through it students who are unable to go abroad also have the opportunity to achieve international competence expected by the increasingly international working life.

JAMK’s international operational environment consists of foreign degree and exchange students as well as visitors and lecturers. It offers a solid basis for internationalisation at home. Internationalisation is also promoted throughout the studies e.g. by using foreign literature in the course materials. Students are also familiarised with international cases and projects in their own study fields.

Internationalisation at home also manifests as an opportunity to get the whole degree from a degree programme with English as the language of instruction. It is also possible to internationalise at home by completing individual study modules or language and culture studies in a foreign language in all the degree programmes. In addition to JAMK’s language and culture studies, the Asia network provides an opportunity for higher education students to complete studies concerning Asia.

Other forms of internationalisation at home include taking part in the student union JAMKO’s activities. Students can e.g. join the International Club’s activities and events or work as international tutors for new foreign students.

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