Through the link below you can find a portal with JAMK's international partners with whom we have an agreement on student and/or staff mobility.

In addition to these partners, the Schools may have other international partners in projects or other cooperation.

The information varies according to the agreement situation. In the portal information can be sorted with different search criteria. It is also possible to see specific information regarding the agreement (agreed number of exchange places, study fields, contacts etc.). Further information on the partner institutions as well as on the contents of the agreements can also be enquired from the International Services.

Portal instructions:

1. Click Agreements

2. Fill in your search criteria

  • "Type of person": choose if you want to see agreements with student and/or staff mobility
  • "Type of application": choose if you want to see agreements with incoming and/or outgoing mobility
  • "Study field": choose the study field
  • Choose other search criteria; country, city etc.
  • The partners according to your search criteria are listed under heading "RESULT"

3. Agreement information

  • To see valid agreement and exchange program information for each partner, click “agreements” (handshake icon)
      - "Program" field: SMS = study exchange, SMP = practical training exchange, STA = teaching
          assignments, STT = other than teaching assignments
      -  JAMK SMS/SMP/STA/STT means bilateral agreements (JAMK exchange)
      - Erasmus SMS/SMP/STA/STT means Erasmus+ agreements (Erasmus+ exchange)
  • Then, click the blue i -icon on the right side to see all information regarding the agreement

LINK TO THE PORTAL (click on AGREEMENTS once the new tab opens)