Students with European/Nordic Citizenship

Before arriving in Finland

Students from the EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not need a residence permit to come to Finland. However, make sure you have a valid identity card or passport that covers your whole stay.

After arriving in Finland

When the stay in Finland lasts for more than three months (consecutively, without visiting countries outside of Finland in between), students from European countries need to register the right of residence. EU citizens can register their right of residence at any one of the service points of the Finnish Immigration Service (appointment needed, fees apply). Nordic citizens can register their residence at a Local Register Office (Maistraatti). Please check further information, service points and fees at the Finnish Immigration Service website.

After arrival, students also need to apply for a Finnish Personal Identity Code, when the stay in Finland lasts for 3 months or longer. Staff from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will be present during orientation for incoming exchange students, where the application for the code can be filled in and submitted. Have your passport/ID card and study certificate from JAMK with you when submitting the application. If students miss the opportunity on campus, they need to visit the Digital and Population Data Services Agency in Jyväskylä to submit their application. Make sure your identity code is registered in the Student Management System at JAMK.

Students with non-EU/EEA Citizenship

Before arriving in Finland

Students from non-EU/EEA countries must apply for a residence permit from the nearest Finnish consulate or embassy in good time before leaving for Finland, when their studies in Finland last for more than three months. Students should ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System in the same application to also receive a Finnish Personal Identity Code with the permit. If your studies take less than three months, apply for a visa instead.

Further information about applying for residence permit and visa:
Finnish Immigration Service

NB: Health Insurance required as a prerequisite for residence permit

For non-EU/EEA citizens a student's residence permit for Finland can be granted only if he/she has a comprehensive health insurance from a reliable and solvent company or institution. Further information about the health insurance for non-EU/EEA citizens from the Finnish Immigration Service website.

The Student Insurance Program (SIP) is one option for the insurance. For further information about SIP, check their website: The Student Insurance Program.

After arriving in Finland

If you have applied for the Finnish Personal Identity Code in connection with your residence permit, come over to the International Services' office to present your code. It will be registered in the Student Management System.

If you do not have the identity code in your permit, make sure to apply for it on campus during/after orientation (specific dates are announced), or by appointment at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency in Jyväskylä. After you have received your code, come show it to International Services for entering into the Student Management System.