Transcript of Records after the Exchange

International Services issues a Transcript of Records for all exchange and double degree students automatically and free of charge. This is done after the students have completed their courses as required and teachers have graded them. Based on the Transcript of Records, students can apply for credit transfer at their home institution for studies completed at JAMK.

The final Transcript of Records is made based on the Learning Agreement and possible changes to the original Learning Agreement. This means that courses chosen in the study plans will also be in the Transcript of Records. The grading scale (see Courses and Assessment) are also shown in the Transcript of Records.

When, how and to whom are the Transcript of Records sent?


Transcript of Records are sent twice a year:

  • for spring semester/the whole academic year within 5 weeks after all the grades have been given or by the end of September at the latest
  • for autumn semester within 5 weeks after all the grades have been given or by the end of February at the latest

How and to whom

JAMK applies a modern digital authentication solution called PassTrace to protect the certificates given by JAMK, including also Exchange Student's Transcript of Records, from counterfeiting and other misuse. 

JAMK does not issue paper copies of transcripts, but finalized transcripts are uploaded to the student's Mobility Online account. Students may download and print out their own transcript with the digital signature of the issuing institution as a two-dimensional barcode called QR code. The signature and its verification process is digital and therefore, a copy of the original document can be used without compromising the protection.

Read more and proceed to the verification service

Further information about Transcript of Records:

Request for Certified Copies If student needs certified copies of the Exchange Student's Transcript of Records, a request is done via International Services' Webshop (NB: copies are subject to charge) Read more and make the request

Double Degree Students final Degree Certificate issued by JAMK

A Degree Certificate by JAMK is granted following the steps below:

  1. The student fills in the Degree Certificate Application Form and delivers it to the home institution's representative

  2. The student’s home institution finalizes the above mentioned form and delivers it together with a certified copy of the Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records given by the home institution to JAMK’s Student Services

  3. Student Services registers the credit transfers in the student’s JAMK transcript of records in the student management system according to the home institution’s transcript of records

  4. Head of Department verifies that the double degree can be granted

The Degree Certificate granted by JAMK is in Finnish, but the student also receives its English translation automatically. The Degree Certificate has to be applied for within six months after graduation from the home institution, but still within the maximum study period of JAMK. The Degree Certificate is issued after JAMK has received the student’s documents from the home institution and the Head of Department at JAMK has approved and signed the Degree Certificate Application.

The Degree Certificate includes a transcript showing all completed studies with grades. A Diploma Supplement is also granted to the students who have completed the double degree, automatically together with the diploma, in English and without payment. The Diploma Supplement includes information about the institution, studies and Transcripts of Records as well as the level and status of the double degree in the Finnish educational system.

The partner institution with which the double degree was carried out is also mentioned in the Degree Certificate and Diploma Supplement.

Further information about Double Degree Students’ final Degree Certificate: opiskelijapalvelut(at)