Cost of Living for Exchange and Double Degree Students

Living costs in Finland are close to Western European average. Students must make sure that their incomes cover basic living costs for the entire time spent studying in Finland. Students must be prepared to pay for accommodation, food, travel, study materials, insurances, health care, leisure activities and other costs of living. Average monthly living costs for students are estimated to be between 750 and 1200 euros, depending on the student's individual needs and habits.

  • Housing: (student accommodation) 270-500 euros/month
  • Food: Lunch approx. 3,06 €/meal at the student cafeteria (with Student Union student card). Altogether roughly 300 euros/month.
  • Bus tickets: A single ticket bought in the bus costs about 3 euros. Students can also acquire student priced travel cards, about 60 euros/month.
  • Leisure and miscellaneous expenses: 100-300 euros

Students from non-EU/EEA countries must prove their sufficient income as a part of the residence permit application. The Finnish Immigration Service has determined that a student must have at least 560 euros/month (6 720 euros/year) at his/her disposal. Further information on the income requirement of the Finnish Immigration Service

Discounts for students with Student Union student card

In order to have discounts in student restaurants, public transport, leisure activities, services, and in some shops, student must have a student card. The card is granted by the Student Union to students who have paid the membership fee. Further information on the membership and benefits of Student Union JAMKO.