Orientation takes place during the first week of each semester. A lot of useful information on living in Finland and studying at JAMK is provided during the orientation.

Exchange and Double Degree students:
All exchange/double degree students are expected to take part in the orientation (excluding Agricultural and Rural Industries Exchange Study Programme and Health and Social Studies students arriving only for practical training in the middle of semester; there is no separate orientation for late arrivals, but the students shall receive the orientation material and are expected to get themselves familiar with the material independently).

Autumn Orientation:
19 August 2021 - 20 August 2021

Spring Orientation: Dates subject to change
School of Technology, School of Health and Social Studies:
4 January 2022 and 5 January 2022

School of Business: Dates subject to change
10 February 2022 - 11 February 2022

Orientation schedule and programme is sent to the accepted students via email together with the acceptance and information letter.

Further information about Exchange/Double Degree Student orientation: incoming(at)jamk.fi

Foreign Degree Students in English-tuition degree programmes:
Exchange student orientation is not intended for degree students. Instead, Schools may organize degree programme specific orientations. Further information from the respective Schools.

Information package

Exchange and double degree students receive acceptance info from International Services within a few weeks after the application period. The official Letter of Acceptance can then be downloaded in the Mobility Online system. The accepted students also receive an Info Booklet, a letter from the Student Union and other important materials, which are useful in preparing for the upcoming exchange period.

An Information Package of JAMK University of Applied Sciences (including information on studying at JAMK, a meal subsidy card for student priced lunch, info from the JAMK library, Jyväskylä city guide and map) will be handed out to the exchange and double degree students upon arrival by their tutors.

Further information:

Foreign Degree Students receive their Letter of Admission and all the relevant information and documents related to degree studies at JAMK from the Schools/Degree Programmes they are accepted to and from the Admissions Office/Student Services.

Further information:


JAMK and the Student Union JAMKO provide tutoring for all degree, exchange and double degree students of JAMK. The fellow-students trained for the task help the new students in matters concerning studies and student support services. They also provide guidance in practical matters, e.g. housing, permits and getting adjusted to a new culture and country.

Exchange and double degree students: International Services provides a list of exchange and double degree students who have applied within the application periods and who have been accepted for an exchange period at JAMK to JAMKO, who is responsible for finding a tutor for each student. The tutor is advised to contact the exchange/double degree student via email well before the beginning of the exchange period and to meet the student in Jyväskylä upon arrival.

Foreign degree students: Schools and degree programmes provide lists of accepted degree students to JAMKO, who is responsible for finding a tutor for each student. The tutor will meet the student after the studies at JAMK have begun. If the student needs assistance upon arrival, it is advisable to contact JAMKO and the tutor via email beforehand to agree how and when to meet the tutor in Jyväskylä for the first time.

Further information about tutoring:
kvtutor(at)jamko.fi / International tutoring on JAMKO's website

Student Union JAMKO

JAMKO, the Student Union of JAMK also organizes culturally oriented events, travels, tours and parties for students. These events add some spice to the Finnish students' event calendars and bring great experiences to exchange students as well. Foreign students get to see Finland at its best and Finnish students get a chance to internationalize and practice their language skills while having a good time. Read more on JAMKO's website at https://www.jamko.fi/en/services/events-and-trips/

Contact for JAMKO's Events and Freetime:

Through JAMKO you can also get a student card that gives you access to all student discounts available. With JAMKO’s student card you can gain discounts on train and bus tickets, cafés, services (e.g. hairdressers, theaters, sports services, events etc.) as well as for student lunch. You can even use it as your library card at JAMK.

You can check the details and order your card at: https://www.jamko.fi/en/order-student-card.

You can also read more about the membership benefits at: https://www.jamko.fi/en/membership-benefits/

In addition to details about the student card, you’ll find an FAQ page about the student card issues as well as JAMKO’s contact information through the links.

Friend Family Programme

The International Services of JAMK coordinates a Friend Family programme for our foreign students and Finnish families. Students staying in Finland for a semester or longer can participate in the programme, which will help them know more about the Finnish culture and way of life through a local friend or family.

The students fill in the application form online to enroll for the programme (please note that registration happens annually). Families have also filled in their own profile, and check for their best match with the most suitable student friend in the system. If students are selected by a family, the students will receive an e-mail about it. Please note that all notifications happen through the students JAMK e-mail address.

Further information about the Friend Family Programme:

Friend Family Programme Check out more information, read student experiences and fill out your own application! GO!

Student Meals

Every JAMK campus has a student restaurant that serves lunch. (NB: the restaurant on the Music campus is closed due to renovations. Students may use the restaurants on the university campus.) For students entitled to a discount, the price of a warm meal in the student restaurants on JAMK campuses starts from 3.06 euros on weekdays, depending on the chosen meal option.

Exchange and double degree students receive the meal subsidy card for getting student priced lunch in their information packages upon arrival. Foreign degree students receive the meal subsidy cards as guided in the School specific orientation after they have begun their studies.

More information about the student restaurants in JAMK's Study Guide.


JAMK offers guidance for foreign students in many different ways and in different stages.

Exchange and double degree students

Exchange and double degree students are served and guided throughout the exchange period by JAMK's International Services. From applying to arrival, studying and leaving for home, International Services and the Academic Advisors of the Schools support JAMK's exchange students. International Services gives general guidance concerning the different stages of and administrates the documents related to exchange. The Academic Advisors give School-specific guidance related to the studies. They also help exchange students to complete their study plans, i.e. help the students choose the courses they will complete during their exchange. Both International Services and Academic Advisors help with any difficulties the student might face during the exchange.

Further information: incoming(at)jamk.fi

Foreign degree students

Foreign degree students are served and guided by the admissions office when applying. Early on in the studies, the key counsellors are the career and peer tutors. Career tutors are teachers at JAMK who closely support and monitor the progress of the student’s studies. Peer tutors are fellow-students who provide peer support and guidance especially at the beginning of the studies. In addition to the career tutor, every School at JAMK has a study counsellor who students can contact with issues related to special support needed with studies, learning, time management, fatigue, motivation, substance abuse and/or mental health problems. The students can also contact the study psychologist regarding these matters. Additionally, the Student Services guides and helps degree students with the practicalities related to studying throughout the studies. If you have been accepted to JAMK as a degree student, read more about guidance in the Study Guide.

Further information about foreign degree students’ guidance:
admissions(at)jamk.fi (when applying)

Language Center, ICT Services, Library Services

Language Center

Foreign exchange and degree students can study Finnish in groups of different levels. Other language courses of different levels where teaching is in English are also offered. The Language Centre is responsible for all language and communication teaching at JAMK.

Further information about the Finnish language courses and other languages

ICT Services

All students have access to the university computing services for free. Students need a personal user account in order to access JAMK's ICT systems. Exchange students receive their user account information after they have been accepted for exchange at JAMK. Foreign degree students receive their user accounts as guided in the School specific orientation after they have begun their studies. The ICT services include Computer Labs, wireless networks around the campus, JAMK e-mail account and mailing lists, Peppi student management system, Elmo student intra, online studying environment Moodle etc.

Read more about Digital learning skills and JAMK's online learning environments at https://oppimateriaalit.jamk.fi/digitallearningskills/online-learning-environments/

Further information about JAMK's ICT Services and Helpdesk

Library Services

JAMK Library services are available for students, staff and everyone else, who needs professional information. The library is one of the largest in Central Finland and most of the library services are free of charge.

Further information about the Library Services