One year in Finland at JAMK University of Applied Sciences to get a Finnish Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (BEng) and learn about Finnish lifestyle, academic and working life.

What is ITPro?

ITPro students

ITPro started in 2003 with project funding from the EU and today it is an established part of the Institute of Information Technology. More than 100 students have graduated from the ITPro Programme during the years.

ITPro students will complete BEng specializing in Information Technology in one academic year.

Requirements for an ITPro student

The ITPro Programme offered at JAMK University of Applied Sciences is available only for students from our partner institutions with whom JAMK has a double degree agreement concerning the IT-PRO programme. If your institution would be interested in coming a partner in the IT-PRO programme, please contact the liaison of the programme (see the end of this page) and international.agreements(at)

Applicant must have: 
A Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology OR
180 ECTS or more ICT related higher education studies
AND sufficient English skills.

All applicants will be interviewed before the selection.


The Structure of Studies

The Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering amounts to 240 ECTS, from which the students must accomplish at least 60 ECTS at JAMK.
Those 60 ECTS consist of:

  • Elective courses 15-30 ECTS
  • Practical training in companies 30 ECTS
  • Bachelor’s Thesis 15 ECTS

JAMK offers, for example, the following courses for ITPro students to choose from:

  • Android Application Development
  • Game Programming
  • Cisco Networking
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Project
  • Software Business
  • International Skills
  • Language studies: Finnish, English, Swedish etc.

Language of instruction is English in all courses.



ITPro Programme takes one academic year to complete (end of August - end of May). Students will do full-time studies during the autumn semester from September until the end of December. Practical training and Bachelor's Thesis can be completed at any time between September and May.

April Time to get nominated for the programme by the home institution representative, deadline 15 April
May Time to apply via online Exchange Student Application, deadline 15 May. Applicants may also be interviewed e.g. via Skype
June Selection and confirmation of acceptance
August  Studies start with an orientation week
September Courses start
December Autumn Semester ends
January Practical training starts
May Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar and Graduation


For more information visit:

ITPro Programme at JAMK Application process and forms
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Salmikangas Esa

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