JAMK University of Applied Sciences offers a variety of different fields of study for exchange students to choose from. All the courses offered for exchange students are taught in English! The courses exchange students participate in are part of our curricula for degree students so there's usually a good mix of degree students and exchange students from all over the world in each class. On these pages you can find a list of the Exchange Study programmes offered by each School as well as courses offered for exchange and double degree students. Please keep in mind that the number of courses on offer will continue to grow until the end of March/October.

NB! The applicants for the double degree programmes have to contact their International Office to find out if there are specific courses they have to complete during their double degree study period at JAMK.

Study Programmes Offered for Exchange Students

JAMK University of Applied Sciences offers a variety of different fields of study for exchange students to choose from. Below you can find a list of the exchange study programmes offered by each School.

Applying for the programmes is done with the Online Application Form within the application periods. Please check the section ‘Application Process' for further instructions.

School of Business (Course offering seen by clicking pink button below)
• International Business / Business Administration (Bachelor level)
• Tourism and Service Business (Bachelor level)
• Entrepreneurship Development - Team Academy (Bachelor level)
• International Business Management (Master level)
• Special study package EM Normandie (Bachelor level)
• Freshman’s Path for Dubna students only (Bachelor level)

Additional information:
- In the School of Business the spring semester runs from beginning of February towards the end of June, so the exchange and double degree students arriving for the spring semester, must choose at least one intensive course from the Summer Studies offering. For those who stay at JAMK for the whole academic year, the Summer Studies are optional. See further instructions for choosing courses below.
Sports Management courses can be found within the International Business / Business Administration study programme. Students who major in sports related studies in their home institution, should choose International Business/Business Administration as their study programme at JAMK
- The School of Business also offers s a business study package in UADE Argentina during the spring semester. More information from here. If you wish to attend the "Doing Business in Latin America" package, please write "UADE Package" in your course choices when you apply in the online system. Please note that FEES APPLY for this study package. Please consult with your home insitution before applying for it as it may affect the possible grant paid to you by your home institution.

School of Technology (Course Offering Spring and Summer 2017 / Course Offering Autumn 2017)
• International Logistics / Logistics Engineering (Bachelor level)
• Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor level)
• Construction and Civil Engineering (Bachelor level)
• Information and Communications Technology (Bachelor level)
• Agricultural and Rural Industries (Bachelor level) (Agriculture courses PDF)
• IT-PRO double degree programme (Bachelor level)
• FUN study programme for Fontys and Writtle students only (Bachelor level)
• Freshman’s Path for Dubna students only (Bachelor level)

Additional information:
- In the Agricultural and Rural Industries mobilities are possible only in the spring semester! The spring semester in this Exchange Programme runs from the mid-March towards the end of June.

School of Health and Social Studies (Course offering seen by clicking pink button below)
• Music / Music Pedagogue (Bachelor level)
• Nursing (including Midwifery) (Bachelor level)
• Physiotherapy (Bachelor level)
• Rehabilitation Counselling (Bachelor level)
• Social Services (Bachelor level)
• Occupational Therapy (Bachelor level)
• Health Care and Social Services Management (Master level)

Teacher Education College
• Vocational Teacher Education

Important Information About Choosing Courses

The courses exchange students participate in are part of our curricula for degree students so there's usually a good mix of degree students and exchange students from all over the world in each class.

Things to keep in mind while looking at the course listings and choosing courses:

1.    Choose the correct area of study

  • Make sure the first drop down menu says “EXC, Exchange Studies”. Then choose the area of study (School) you are interested in / applying to under the heading "Select Education Unit" in the drop-down menu
  • Be sure that you are checking the course listings of the area of study specified in the exchange agreement between JAMK and your home institution. Contact your home institution’s International Office/Services to find out in which study fields a co-operation agreement exists.
  • Here at JAMK we refer to areas of study as “Schools” rather than faculties, i.e. School of Business or School of Technology, etc.

NB! If you are applying for spring semester at the School of Business, remember to check and choose at least one course under the heading "Summer Studies" in the drop-down menu!

2. Check courses related to your field of study

  • Always check the course description to see if the course matches to your curricula at your home institution
  • Clicking the link on the column CODE will open the course description
  • Clicking the link on the column SCHEDULE will open the dates of the classes

3. Choosing courses

  • You should choose 30 ECTS per semester!
  • Minimum 65% of the courses you want to complete during the exchange have to be chosen from the School you are applying to! This means that at least 20 credits have to be chosen from the courses offered by the School you are applying to. After that it is also possible to choose a couple of additional courses from other areas.
  • You can choose also from the wide range of language and communication courses (Finnish, English etc.). From the drop-down menu check "Language Centre" and also the "Elective Interdisciplinary Studies"

4. Fill in your course selections to your online application form (and also to your home institution's Learning Agreement if applicable)

5. Registering for courses

  • Actual course registration is made upon arrival to JAMK
  • NB! Choosing courses to the online application/Learning Agreement does not automatically reserve you a place in the course. Final course enrolments may be changed according to the places available in the chosen courses
  • You will have a chance to make changes to your original study plan ONCE per semester within one month after your arrival at JAMK. Further information on changing the study plan while on exchange will be provided upon arrival

Special cases:
Doing Business in Latin America –course

  • If you have chosen to do the optional "Doing Business in Latin America (FEES APPLY!)" in Buenos Aires Argentina, please apply as if you were going to be in Finland and JAMK as an exchange student for that time.
  • For example: A student wants to come to JAMK as an exchange student for the full academic year and also participate in the "Doing Business in Latin America (Argentina)". The student would apply for the full year at JAMK. When asked to choose courses, the student would enter the courses for Autumn and then add the text "Doing Business in Latin America" for Spring Courses.
  • Please keep in mind that if you are coming to JAMK within the Erasmus+ programme, you might not be eligible for the Erasmus+ study grant while you are in Argentina. Please check with your home institution!

Music and Teacher Education exchange students

  • Study plan will be tailored for each student, contact international(at)jamk.fi for discussing your course choices

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to list and choose courses

This short tutorial will show you how to list the courses, check when the courses are and how to check for overlapping courses.

You can also watch the video from here »

Study Programmes Offered for Double Degree Students

The double degree programmes offered at JAMK University of Applied Sciences are available only for students from certain partner institutions with which JAMK has a double degree agreement. If you are interested in the double degree programmes, please contact the International Office of your home institution to find out whether such an agreement exists between the institutions.

Read more about double degrees by clicking here

Exchange studies differs in Bachelor-level and Master-level

Studying as an exchange student differs on bachelor and master level. It is good for you to prepare yourself for different ways of studying so you know what to expect.

Exchange studies: Bachelor-level

Studying at bachelor level is full-time. Depending on the courses a student has chosen and their timetables, the student will usually have contact lessons on a daily basis. Even during contact free days students usually need to do independent work/studying in order to complete courses successfully. At JAMK working in groups is also a very common mode of study. Therefore, exchange students on bachelor level need to be prepared to study full-time. There is no specific exam period at JAMK, instead you will usually have exams at the end of each course.

Exchange studies: Master-level

Studying at master level is usually part-time. Other students in the groups are mostly adults who study alongside their work, which is why contact lessons are designed from that perspective into tight and concise packages. This means that at the beginning of a course students take part in contact lessons that might be arranged during late afternoon/evening hours even for 8 consecutive hours. After that the students continue working independently on assignments provided by the teacher. At JAMK working in groups is also a very common mode of study, so some of the assignments might be done in groups as well. All in all, exchange students applying and arriving to study in the master level programmes should be prepared for self-directed and independent learning/studying outside the classrooms. Most likely you will not have many exams, but you will have a lot of writing to do.

Learning Agreement for Exchange and Double Degree Students

  • Learning Agreement is a preliminary study plan and an agreement between the student, JAMK and the student's home institution of the studies to be completed during the exchange period
  • The preliminary Learning Agreement is drawn up well before the beginning of the exchange period (as a part of the application process)
  • The study plan often undergoes some changes, so it is revised after the start of the exchange and the Learning Agreement is updated by filling in the Changes to the original Learning Agreement.
  • Afterwards students can transfer the credits obtained at JAMK to their home institution according to the home institution's credit transfer regulations. After the exchange period the International Services of JAMK provides a Transcript of Records for all exchange students. The Transcript of Records shows all the courses chosen in the Learning Agreement and possible Changes to the original Learning Agreement, with the credits and grades earned.