Timing and duration of the exchange

Exchange students can apply to study at JAMK for one or two semesters. Here one semester lasts approximately 4 months.

  • Autumn semester runs from the end of August until the end of December
  • Spring semester runs generally from the beginning of January until mid-May.
    If student wants to extend the exchange period at spring until mid-June, she/he must enroll for courses in the 5th period – so called Summer Studies - as well. Usually exchange and double degree students end their exchange in the spring semester by mid-May.
  • Exception! In the School of Business spring semester runs from beginning of February towards the end of June!
  • Exception! In the study field of Agricultural and Rural Industries the exchanges are possible only in the spring semester! The spring semester in this Exchange Programme runs from the mid-March towards the end of June.

    In double degree programmes the duration of studies in the partner institution abroad is negotiated between JAMK and the home institution. Usually in double degree programmes the length of the mobility period is one or two semesters.

    In Erasmus+ study exchanges the duration of the exchange period has to be between 3 and 12 months.

    In some cases a shorter period of study is also possible (e.g. study tours, intensive courses or some other agreed upon short-term studies at JAMK).