Admissions Criteria for Exchange Students

1.    Valid agreement between JAMK and the home institution
•    Exchanges are based on mobility agreements between JAMK and the partner institutions. Applicants should contact the home institution’s International Office/Services to find out whether a co-operation agreement exists.
•    Agreements are often School and study area specific. Students should always apply to study in the School and study area specified in the agreement.
•    Students from different study areas within partner institutions may apply. However, preference is always given to applicants from the specified study areas in partner institutions. The afore-mentioned students may be accepted only if resources allow for it.
•    NB! JAMK does not admit visiting/freemover students from non-partner institutions.

2.    Nomination
•    Students wishing to apply for an exchange at JAMK, must be nominated by their home institution. Please see details on the page Application Periods and Process.

3.    Number of exchange students
•    The number of exchange places, number of semesters etc. are determined in the agreements and may affect the number of students JAMK can accept.

4.    Success in studies
•    If the number of applicants exceeds the agreed exchange places, the students with the highest academic standing will be considered first.

5.    Language requirements
•    Sufficient proficiency in English (minimum level: B1 - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), since the language of instruction for exchange students at JAMK is English.
•    It is the home institutions’ responsibility to make sure that the students’ language skills are sufficient for an exchange period abroad (official language certificate is not required).

6.    Studies to be completed during the exchange
•    Students are strongly recommended to complete 30 ECTS per semester.
•    Students must choose minimum 20 ECTS of their courses from the School and study area specified in the agreement. Students choosing too many courses outside the agreement, may have their application rejected.
•    Studies/ practical training completed at JAMK must be a part of the student's degree in their home institution.

7.    Duration of the exchange
•    The maximum duration of the exchange is 1 academic year.
•    The duration of autumn semester at JAMK is generally 4 months and spring semester 4– 5 months (depending on the School).

8.    Application documents
•    Application must be filled in correctly and according to JAMK’s application period deadline.

9.    Final approval
•    JAMK reserves the right to reject any application not meeting the criteria above.
•    JAMK as the receiving institution makes the final decision on approving students according to its own internal processes, schedules and resources.

Additional Admissions Criteria for Double Degree Students

The eligibility of JAMK double degree students from foreign partner institutions has been verified by their home institutions, so they do not have to meet the general admission requirements of degree students at JAMK. The students arriving to complete a double degree at JAMK are selected according to the following criteria adopted by JAMK’s Academic Board:

  • at least one year of studies in the home institution
  • studies in the home institution have progressed according to the curriculum
  • suitability or the ability to adjust to a new culture and cope with studies in a foreign language (It is the home institutions’ responsibility to make sure that the students’ language skills are sufficient for participating in the double degree programme abroad.)
  • motivation based on a letter prepared by the student (a part of the online application) and a possible interview carried out by the institution’s representative
  • NOTE! In the master-level double degree programmes the student is required to have two years of work experience.