There are many options for housing but the most economical option is applying for housing through KOAS  (student housing). The exception to that is if you're coming to study Agriculture. Agriculture studies are in Saarijärvi which is about 60 km away from Jyväskylä. Students coming to study Agriculture will live in Saarijärvi in arranged rental apartments. The apartments in Saarijärvi are about 6 km from the campus and is easily reached by bus, bike or car pool. See more from: http://www.saarijarvi.fi/vuokra-asuminen

If you're not studying Agriculture, please read on...

Accommodation at KOAS

KOAS is the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation and thus, arranges student housing for all students in Jyväskylä. It's important to note that KOAS is not owned by or associated with JAMK. Exchange students are normally housed in Roninmäki or Myllyjärvi in furnished apartments. The housing is basic, but relatively inexpensive compared to the private market. The rent includes electricity, water and laundry. Normally students have their own room and share a kitchen and bathroom with other tenants. KOAS accepts applications from incoming exchange students only after the students have received the official acceptance from JAMK. Therefore, please don't apply in advance, it won't help you in getting housing from KOAS.

Note that the apartment/room at KOAS has to be rented for the whole semester/academic year (from the beginning of August/January until the end of December/May) and the rent for the apartment must always be paid for the whole month. So even if you move in at the end of the month or move out before the end of the month, the rent must be paid for the whole month.

In the following map you can check some of the KOAS locations, JAMK campuses, travel center and other offices:

Other Accommodation Agencies

If you are not able to get accommodation from KOAS or you prefer more centrally located and higher quality furnished apartments, there are also other agencies for rental apartments that you can contact.

Please check for example the websites listed below:

  • Forenom
  • Ada&Alex
  • SATO
  • Apartment Forum: On the website of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY) there are ads (however, most of them in Finnish) on apartments to lease. You can also leave your own ad on the Apartment Needed bulletin board. Please read the admin's instructions on the site carefully to avoid any misunderstandings and be wary of fraudulent ads.
  • Vuokraovi.com

However, please notice that the prices in the private market (private companies, private landlords/ladies) represented by the agencies above may be higher than at KOAS. KOAS is meant especially for students, which means that also their prices are student-friendly.