At JAMK, international cooperation is highly valued and internationalisation is actively supported in all of our operations.


What International JAMK stands for

Our international cooperation includes cross-border education and RDI-work between higher education institutions and business life, several bachelor and master level degree programmes conducted in English, a wide range of joint research projects, networks, joint degree programmes, foreign students and staff, active student and staff mobility and an operational environment that enables internationalisation. In addition to education we offer research and development services for business life and industry helping to create an international Central Finland.

Our extensive international partnership network enables the internationalisation of our students, staff and interest groups. A great deal of the partners, as well as JAMK, participate in the European Union’s Erasmus+ for higher education programme promoting the internationalisation and quality of higher education through international cooperation projects and exchange programmes.

The European Commission has awarded JAMK e.g. the following quality recognitions: Diploma Supplement Label 2013–2016, Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014–2020 and Erasmus Golden Award for Excellence 2013 (excellent quality in implementing Erasmus staff mobility). Furthermore, many of our Degree Programmes have passed eminent international accreditations.

For Incoming Exchange and Double Degree Students Interested in experiencing Finland and Jyväskylä and an exchange period at JAMK? Read more about exchanges at JAMK!
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The location of JAMK

Jyväskylä is a vital and youthful city located in Central Finland, surrounded by lakes, ridges and forests. 

International JAMK offers

Check our Summer School and Study Abroad Programmes!


JAMK Summer School

JAMK's International Summer School is a three weeks' educational period including lectures, workshops, get-togethers and interesting site visits.

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Study Abroad Programmes

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Contact Information for International Activities

Contact Information for International Services, International Coordinators, International Practical Training Coordinators and other Services related to international activities

Happy international students

For incoming exchange and double degree students

Welcome, Exchange and Double Degree Students! JAMK offers exchange and double degree students an international atmosphere for studying. To support your stay in Jyväskylä we provide many kinds of services. Find out how to apply for an exchange or double degree study period with us from here!

Internationalisation for prospective students

Interested in different possibilities of internationalisation through studies? Read more about exchanges and practical training abroad, international double degrees and internationalisation at home!

For partners and businesses

Are you a current or prospective partner of JAMK or otherwise searching for information about JAMK's international co-operation or e.g. mobility programmes which JAMK participates in? Are you interested in finding out how JAMK could help your business e.g. by providing trainees? Find information here!

For Visitors

Whether you are a teacher or specialist from education or business life, JAMK wishes you warmly welcome. You may share your interests and expectations for the visit with us. We will then find a perfect match to host your visit at JAMK and to assist with the practical arrangements.

International Partners

A list of JAMK’s international partners with whom JAMK has a valid exchange agreement for student and/or staff mobility.

Double Degrees

Complete studies and earn degree certificates from two higher education institutions! Double Degree does not mean double work; studies completed in the partner institution are part of the degree at the home institution. Interested? Read more!

Mobility Programmes at JAMK

Mobility is an integral part of JAMK's internationalisation. Mobility programmes give frameworks and enable a great deal of students and staff to study and work abroad.

Accessibility in Exchanges

Going on exchange regardless of injury, chronic illness or some other impediment! Accessibility grant is meant for persons with special needs participating in exchange programmes, who need some additional financial support to carry out their exchange.

Exchange students' blogs

In our students' blogs you can find interesting stories about the delights and challenges of the exchange period abroad!

JAMK Summer School

JAMK's International Summer School is a three weeks' educational period including lectures, workshops, get-togethers and interesting site visits.

FINNIPS - Finnish Network for International Programmes

The Finnish Network for International Programmes (FINNIPS) is a cooperation network formed by 6 Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS).