Data protection is important to us, and we wish to explain how we process personal data and for which purposes we process the data. JAMK follows the principles of integrating data protection into all operations by default. In basic operations, data protection is taken into consideration in fields such as management, procurements, development, operational processes and technical solutions.

What is personal data?

Personal data is, by definition, all types of data that can be used to directly or indirectly identify a natural person. Personal data related to a data subject – meaning you – and processed by us includes the name, personal identity code, student number, learner number, address, phone number, account number, grades and work history of a person. We process different types of personal data in different circumstances. On our dedicated subpages, you can find more detailed information about the personal data related to students, staff and clients and processed by us. 

JAMK as the data controller

JAMK as the data controller is responsible for complying with the data protection principles defined in the law at all stages of processing personal data. All processing of personal data must be done carefully and in compliance with the law and JAMK’s data protection policy.

Personal data must be processed appropriately and only for a specific purpose. The processing of personal data is done with the consent of the person in question or on other legitimate grounds defined by the law. To perform its duties, JAMK will process the personal data of various interest groups in addition to the personal data of students and staff. JAMK processes personal data based on the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU, the University of Applied Sciences Act, the Government Decree on Universities of Applied Sciences and the consent of the data subject.

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How will we inform you?

Personal data collected by JAMK in connection with its duties will form various personal data files. You can find information about this on these pages as well as in the privacy statements.

At JAMK, a privacy statement is produced for each service or system where personal data is processed. The privacy statement contains detailed information about the future processing of personal data and the rights of the data subjects. The privacy statements also include further details about the contact persons for the file, the storage of data, regular data sources, the disclosure and transfer of data and the principles of data protection. 

Data subjects’ rights

You have the right to know which data items related to you are stored in the personal data file or if the file has no data related to you. The information must be given to you in a comprehensible format, and if you wish, you may also receive the information in writing. The right of inspection is personal. The inspection request must be made in writing and signed personally or made in person. You may inspect the data related to you free of charge once a year.

You also have the right to know where the data in the file is collected from, how the data is used and to which parties it is disclosed. You also have the right to request that the processing be restricted, the data be corrected, or, within certain limits, the data be removed. You may also object to the processing. You also have the right to appeal to the Data Protection Ombudsman

The privacy statements contain further information about how you can inspect your data and how potential errors in the data will be corrected. The details of the contact persons are included in the privacy statements.

Disclosure of data

JAMK discloses personal data to various parties, such as the authorities or national knowledge bases. The privacy statements include specific definitions of the parties to which JAMK discloses personal data.

Data protection officer

The data protection officer helps the staff and the data subjects with matters related to data protection. They are also responsible for monitoring the legal compliance of personal data processing and they act as the contact person for the authorities.

The data subjects may contact the data protection officer in all matters related to the processing of personal data or their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. The data protection officer is a neutral party bound by a confidentiality obligation.

Data protection in the intranet

The Data Protection site on JAMK’s ELMO intranet (log-in required) includes instructions for producing a privacy statement and an impact analysis. In addition, the site also contains information about JAMK’s data protection policy and organisation.

Data protection officer

Mirja Nojonen
Specialist, DPO
JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Privacy statements

The EU’s Data Protection Regulation and national legislation on data protection regulate the processing of personal data. At JAMK, a privacy statement is produced for each service or system where personal data is processed. The privacy statement describes in brief how personal data is processed and what rights you have regarding the data.

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Right of inspection

Forms to submit inspection or correction requests to JAMK

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