According to the honorary mention citation, JAMK provides athletes with personal study planning and customises flexible ways of pursuing studies alongside competitive sports.

Study counsellors and career tutors, among others, are contributing to the reconciliation of sport and studies. Students who engage in sports are assisted in the planning of their studies if they are unable to participate in classroom teaching because of e.g. camps and practicing.

"We provide opportunities for online learning and customise the timing of studies to make them match the schedules as well as possible. In addition, we discuss everyday life and time management with the student if necessary. We also advise how the skills and networks created during the sports careers could be transferred as an asset in jobseeking and as part of working life," says Heli-Riikka Immonen, Study Counsellor at JAMK, who received the honorary mention.

JAMK has also implemented 15 credits’ worth of Sports Academy studies, the aim of which is to combine the know-how gained during studies and during the sports careers and to develop the competences of the athlete-student into a coherent whole that serves future needs.

"The module has been developed in collaboration with the Jyväskylä Sports Academy to be integrated as part of bachelor of business administration studies specialising in sports. The module is offered in the form of open UAS studies for all athletes with the Sports Academy status. Open studies make it possible to pursue them in all Finnish higher education institutions," says Aila Ahonen, Senior Lecturer at JAMK.

For example, Olympic swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen has studied business administration at JAMK as open studies alongside his busy sportsman’s career.

"It is sometimes challenging to combine top-level sports and studies, but fortunately JAMK has been willing to start building study paths that also make it possible to study even with a calendar filled by competitive sports. I can take courses remotely very well, which is a key factor in reconciling my career and studies," said Liukkonen in an interview conducted by JAMK in October 2018.