Learning to coparent: A longitudinal, cross-national study on construction of coparenting in transition to parenthood is a joint cross-disciplinary consortium study carry out by JAMK and the University of Jyväskylä. This study will contribute new knowledge on the construction of coparenting in transition to parenthood and reveal how coparenting is shaped by welfare policies, family service provision and cultural expectations and norms.

"Coparenting refers to the way parents act together in their parental roles. It can mean e.g. the support parents provide one another with and the way of making decisions and sharing parental duties," explains Kaisa Malinen, docent of family psychology, who serves as JAMK’s expert and the principal researcher in the project.

The study participants include Finnish, Australian, Japanese and Portuguese parents, both at the final stage of pregnancy and after the birth of their child. In addition, professionals from family centres will be interviewed in Finland.