Those familiar with artificial intelligence are hot currency in the labour market now and in the near future. This can also be witnessed in the record-fast enrolment of JAMK’s ‘Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence’ study module.

"The popularity of the first study module took us completely by surprise. All 30 places in the course were fully booked in three minutes when the enrolment began. More than a hundred students were left in the waiting list, and many inquiries were received afterwards as well," says Mika Rantonen, Senior Lecturer in Information and Communications Technology at JAMK.

Due to the massive popularity, JAMK immediately started planning additional implementations for the study module, the first of which was already held later in the same year. Additional implementations were also arranged in the spring of 2020.

The course in data analytics and artificial intelligence is a 30-credit study module that familiarises the student with the processing and analysis of data, big data environments, and machine and deep learning. A separate project assignment will be completed at the end of the course, both in the field of data analytics and in artificial intelligence.

The study module is fully completed online, and the courses are designed so that they can be completed alongside work.

Due to the high demand, JAMK now also offers company-specific training packages that are designed according to the company’s specific needs.

"The courses tailored for companies can be adapted to the desired level and scope. It is also possible to use the company’s own data as part of the training," reminds Mika Rantonen.