The Ethiopian Ministry of Education has completed a new Educational Roadmap, which obliges all teacher education to take the contents of inclusive learning into account in its plans. The Federal TVET Institute, a vocational teacher education unit involved in the TECIP project, addresses this new obligation by means of teachers trained in JAMK’s project and new teaching materials.

The principles of sustainable development require equal opportunities to participate in education at all educational levels. This is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish education system, and with development cooperation projects, this principle will also be exported from us to developing countries. In Ethiopia, inclusive learning and support for learners who are in need of special support have already been taken into account, but only in basic education. Now, inclusive learning will also be better organised in vocational education and training, which was also the objective of the TECIP project.

The TECIP project has educated vocational teacher education instructors. Some of the 4-week training for teacher education instructors was arranged in Jyväskylä, which also made it possible for the participants to get acquainted with special support practices at different levels of education in Central Finland. The instructors included both Finnish and Ethiopian experts in inclusive education and various organisations. During the project, the management of vocational education institutions was also provided with training and support in drawing up regional inclusive learning action plans.

In particular, the provision of special support and accessibility in vocational education institutions has been strengthened by providing 100 teachers from vocational education institutions with training in inclusive practices. In addition to changes in educational institutions, the project cooperation has also had an impact at the level of the education system. Inclusion awareness was disseminated by means of various seminars, among other things.

HEI-ICI funded activities have a significant impact from the point of view of the educational system of the developing country and, in particular, the learners’ educational opportunities. The achievements are based on JAMK’s strengths and expertise in inclusion and special support. JAMK’s Teacher Education College has been engaged in long-term development and lobbying activities among the education systems in developing countries since 1997.