The esports center is being built as part of JAMK's 'eLämää' project, which is being implemented together with the University of Jyväskylä, the HUMAK University of Applied Sciences and Gradia.

The aim of the project is to develop the esports community extensively, new know-how, team and club activities, training and athlete trails, and business in the field, for example with new esports events. Concrete example of the development is the new central itself, with equipment suitable for competitive esports.

With the project, a 12-seat gaming room, ‘Game Pit’, was opened on JAMK's main campus, which later also expanded to the Digi & Game Center, which opened in January 2020 on Matarankatu in Jyväskylä.

The project is based on a preliminary study carried out by JAMK in 2018, in which the business opportunities of esports were mapped. The measures during the project are divided into four parts according to its objectives:

  • Piloting professional esports activities and building training and sports paths
  • Building and developing the esports community and its functions. Through community building in Central Finland, a growth platform for esports activities will be created for the development of the industry
  • Development and increase of esports event production and competence in Central Finland
  • Generating new information on esports activities: entities and their effects on players, the community and business in Central Finland

The project also aims to explore the possibilities of building a business related to esports in Central Finland. Through the project, tools for game education will also be created.