Jussi Halttunen, Rector, CEO

A busy year of 2019

Jussi Halttunen

"JAMK retained its position among the three most attractive universities of applied sciences with regard to student recruitment."

Last year, 2019, was the 23rd year of operation for JAMK University of Applied Sciences as a permanent university of applied sciences. Measured according to the 12 indicators of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s funding model, JAMK’s performance improved, and we were ranked among the five best-performing universities of applied sciences in Finland. We took an especially big growth leap in the number credits awarded in open UAS, where the growth was as much as 49%. Last year, we produced more than 25,000 open university credits, based on which JAMK splendidly ranked second in the comparison between universities of applied sciences after South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. External financing for RDI activities also increased slightly last year.

JAMK retained its position among the three most attractive universities of applied sciences with regard to student recruitment. Only Laurea and Tampere University of Applied Sciences were more popular application targets than us. JAMK University of Applied Sciences continues to be considered a highly popular place of study. It is delightful that we were among the most popular in Finland in technology and business administration degree programmes alike.

Even though the Ministry of Education and Culture’s performance indicators indicated a good result, JAMK’s financial performance showed a loss of about one million euros. It was compensated to some extent by the return on investment activities, which amounted to more than €600,000 during the last year. There are probably several reasons for the downswing. The main reason, however, is most likely due to the fact that last autumn we failed to allocate our in-house expert resources effectively enough. The implementation of RDI activities fell clearly short of the objectives, even though the project reserve would have allowed an implementation worth at least one million euros more. The major curriculum reform and other development work that served the advancement of the new-generation institute of higher education also required substantial resource allocations.

A significant achievement and milestone in 2019 was the construction of JAMK’s new DigiCentre on the 2nd floor of the Rajakatu facilities’ A-wing. We now have probably the best and most modern digital pedagogy development centre of all the higher education institutions in Finland. It could be created with relatively reasonable investments, utilising the strong in-house digital pedagogical expertise. The DigiCentre offers concrete assistance to teachers and experts who wish to reform the forms of online implementation of their teaching. JAMK’s strong education activities directed abroad will also benefit substantially from the services provided by the new digital centre. It has allowed us to take a solid step towards a new-generation institute of higher education.

I would like to extend my thanks to the entire JAMK staff for the successful year 2019!