Sinuhe Wallinheimo, Chair of the Board of JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Towards more ambitious goals from a solid foundation

Sinuhe Wallinheimo

"Up to this point, our competitive edge has been keeping up with the times and focusing on the quality of what we do. This must also be the case in the future."

Last year was a strong one for JAMK University of Applied Sciences. We have made progress in several sectors.

We have carried out more research and development work than ever before. For example, open UAS studies have seen growth both quantitatively and regionally. Nationally, JAMK was the fifth largest open UAS after the universities of applied sciences in South-Eastern Finland and the Helsinki region. At the same time, open higher education studies have been launched in Äänekoski and Keuruu, and in the coming autumn, the operations will be expanded to Jämsä.

We have good financial news as well. The amount of external funding was close to the peak figures in JAMK’s history. And best of all, in terms of attractiveness, JAMK was the third most popular university of applied sciences in Finland among students who applied within the joint application period that recently ended. JAMK generates great interest among international students as well. Everyone at JAMK deserves a big thank you for these achievements.

These great results form a strong basis for developing JAMK. Among other things, they make our position easier when decisions are made regarding funding for the UAS within the new funding framework. Thanks to the good performances, JAMK is on the winning side in this regard. The removal of index freezes, which will hopefully take place in 2020, will also make JAMK’s financial situation easier than before.

On the other hand, up to this point, our competitive edge has been keeping up with the times and focusing on the quality of what we do. This must be the case in the future as well. Our know-how and excellence will enable us to do well in the increasingly fierce national and international competition.

There is also demand for the high-quality JAMK. One of the hottest political topics is the change in work and the related, constantly worsening shortage of Finnish know-how. Due to technological development, we all need to update our know-how and skills more frequently than before. Building this model of continuous education enables JAMK to set a good example to Central Finland, as well as the rest of the country. We already have the required know-how.