Rantakokko has a background of strong gerontology know-how, and she is particularly interested in active ageing, participation and habitat research. Senior Researcher Katariina Korniloff, also a newcomer, has studied aspects such as the effects of physical activity on symptoms of depression and metabolic syndrome. The group also features JAMK’s veteran expert Kaisa Malinen, who is interested especially in the well-being of families and children, as well as Planning Specialist Jaana Paltamaa, whose forte is functional capacity evaluation and participation. She has been involved in numerous successful projects, most recently in the Kukoistava kotihoito (Flourishing Home Care) project.

“The project involved us developing operational models for home care for the elderly and how elderly people’s living at home can be supported in a customer-oriented manner by means of home rehabilitation,” Paltamaa says.
The team’s range of know-how is extensive and impressive, as the members’ backgrounds contain psychology studies, brain research, gerontology, physiotherapy and mental health, etc. In other words, they are a prime example of a multidisciplinary team.

The key themes guiding their work are working and functional capacity, participatory and functional everyday life and exercise-based rehabilitation. Additionally, experts from their own unit or other fields are called on to participate when necessary, which facilitates research on multisectoral interfaces and thus the creation of innovations, new business and growth. The group stresses that is open to everyone.

“Multidisciplinary applied research facilitates co-operation both within and outside the house,” Korniloff reminds.