In total, funding was granted to seven universities of applied sciences. The €823,000 state grant received by JAMK is directed towards the CybeRDI project focusing on developing JAMK’s applied cybersecurity area of strength. The project is carried out in co-operation with the Police University College (POLAMK), which also contributes to funding the project. The Police University College is an educational institution operating under the Ministry of the Interior.

Digitalisation increases productivity in society, but its negative sides include increasing cybersecurity threats and cybercrime. The CybeRDI project strengthens capabilities and develops modern methods to stop, detect and investigate crimes committed in information networks. The goal is to prevent cybercrime from spreading in an extensive manner by increasing awareness within businesses, in health care and among social media users. JAMK uses the project funding it has been granted to, among other things, strengthen its cybersecurity research together with POLAMK.

The CybeRDI project is internationally significant and supports JAMK and POLAMK’s international profiling as experts in cybercrime investigation and prevention. At the same time, the institutes’ role in cybersecurity research networks and projects is strengthened.

The state grants distributed by the Ministry of Education and Culture were included in the state’s supplementary budget, and the purpose was for them to support the profiling of the RDI activities of universities of applied sciences. The project applications were reviewed by an international evaluation panel assembled by the Academy of Finland.

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