Jussi Halttunen

Jussi Halttunen, Rector

"2018 was a very good and productive year for JAMK. Our strategic cornerstone, the ‘new-generation institute of higher education’, made good progress on several different fronts."

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Sinuhe Wallinheimo

Sinuhe Wallinheimo, Chair of the Board of JAMK University of Applied Sciences

"Up to this point, our competitive edge has been keeping up with the times and focusing on the quality of what we do. This must also be the case in the future."

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Key performance indicator

2018 was the 22nd year of operation for JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Students in class

JAMK the third most attractive university of applied sciences in the spring joint application period

More than 5,200 primary applicants applied for JAMK University of Applied Sciences in the spring 2018 joint application period. There were 3.75 applicants per study place. In terms of attractiveness, JAMK was one of the top three universities of applied sciences.

Woman in office

Continuous learning promoted further in 2018

JAMK continued its work to promote continuous learning in 2018. As the focus shifts more and more towards lifelong learning, JAMK has also renewed its educational offering to make it more flexible.

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Significant grant granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture to JAMK for developing cybersecurity

Minister of Education and Culture Sanni Grahn-Laaksonen granted universities of applied sciences a total of €5 million in state grants for research, development and innovation (RDI) activities. JAMK University of Applied Sciences received a €823,000 grant for the CybeRDI project, which focuses on developing JAMK’s applied cybersecurity area of strength.

JAMK's concrete testing laboratory

JAMK creates new innovations for the Finnish concrete industry

In early 2018, JAMK University of Applied Sciences was granted €515,000 in project funding, which is used to create a resource smart way to utilise the secondary material flow of the forest industry and strive to decrease the use of cement in concrete.

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JAMK granted €360,000 for developing businesses’ data analytics know-how and solutions

Due to digitalisation and rapid technological development, the term ‘big data’ has become very prominent. In particular, the application related to profiling people and proactive maintenance applications have been in the headlines. JAMK has charted the current state and needs of utilising data analytics through discussions with businesses operating in the Central Finland region.

Hippos2020 imagery

JAMK’s School of Health and Social Studies transferred to be part of the Hippos2020 centre

In October 2018, JAMK University of Applied Sciences decided to transfer its School of Health and Social Studies to be part of the Hippos well-being centre built in the Hippos2020 project.

Young students

JAMK Open Studies achieve a record-breaking result two years in a row

In 2018, students obtained a total of 15,805 credits in JAMK’s open studies, which is more than 2,000 credits more than the record-breaking number from the previous year. The number of students increased as well.

Car on the road in Croatia

Innovation developed at JAMK awarded by the International Road Federation

The International Road Federation has awarded JAMK’s traffic sign-related innovation. The technology has already been put to use in Croatia as part of a joint project between the University of Zagreb and JAMK.

Black soldier fly resting on hand

Black soldier flies are being raised in Tarvaala

The goal of a project started at JAMK’s Institute of Bioeconomy is to chart the possibilities of insect economy in the Viitasaari-Saarijärvi region and facilitate young entrepreneurs’ know-how in the insect economy of the future.

The new team for multidisciplinary rehabilitation

Top team for multidisciplinary rehabilitation

In October, JAMK made a new kind of opening by hiring its first-ever Principal Researcher, and now Merja Rantakokko is in charge of a team of top experts at the School of Health and Social Studies.

Lutakko scenery at night

Nearly 150 projects: research and development operations reach a record result

JAMK’s RDI activities were expanded significantly from the previous year and reached a new record. In 2018, JAMK ran a total of 149 RDI projects, and a total of 428 people were engaged in RDI work. The scope of the RDI activities in 2018 was 138 person-years.

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