Why did the students choose summer studies, and what did they think about the joint summer course selection offered by universities of applied sciences?

246 students responded to the feedback survey. The number of open answers varied from question to question. The students chose summer studies primarily in order to obtain credits for elective studies, to be able to combine their summer job with their studies, or because they had not managed to get a summer job. Some had also found courses in the joint selection that were not offered by their own educational institution. For the most part, the selection was considered comprehensive.

Students who considered the selection to be limited often felt that there was a lack of courses related to their particular field. Some respondents also wished for more language courses, as well as English-language and year-round courses.

The students gave a wide variety of suggestions regarding the course selection in the coming years. Their wishes clearly favoured vocational studies, and these areas will be taken into account in future eAMK selections and the profile-building efforts of universities of applied sciences. The students wished for summer courses that would be carried out primarily between June and August or as intensive courses that end by midsummer.

In the future, the opportunities for online studies will keep increasing. This is expected to also increase cross-studying. Organising the summer course selection jointly for everyone to utilise has already increased the number of credits obtained by students: in the summer of 2016, the students obtained a total of 10,251 credits, and in the summer of 2017 the number was almost tripled. eAMK project work and the development of cross-studying will probably increase the amount of cross-studying multiple times over.